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Increases Fleet Safety with GPS Tracking


Cable ONE is a telecommunications provider servicing nearly 700,000 customers in 19 states.

Trucks Tracked

Business Challenges

Increasing Driving Safety and Improving Behavior
As part of Cable ONE’s efforts to ensure driver safety and lower insurance premiums, the organization also sought to improve driver behavior among its mobile workforce. Reducing vehicle idling and curbing the unauthorized after-hours use of company vehicles can drastically reduce fuel and maintenance costs. These additional benefits offered by a GPS tracking solution also appealed to Cable ONE.
A Marriage of Software
Cable ONE took on the task of implementing a new field service management system to better understand worker activity, schedule and dispatch work, ensure driver safety, and integrate with other back-office systems. After choosing the Oracle Field Service Cloud (ETADirect) product by Oracle (TOA), Cable ONE needed to overlay GPS coordinates of their vehicles within that solution to take full advantage of routing and dispatch capabilities. Previous automatic vehicle location (AVL) providers did not meet expectations or technical requirements.



GPS Insight software

What GPS Insight Did

Cable ONE decided that the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution was the perfect fit. The robust features and flexibility of the software, along with its capabilities to easily integrate with other software platforms, was what finalized the company’s decision.

Increased Driver Safety and Improved Driver Behavior

Cable ONE saw a direct correlation in improving driver behavior to a double-digit percentage decrease in monthly accidents. Not only was this a great way to show Cable ONE’s dedication to driver safety but costs from insurance premiums went down as a result of the accident decrease.

Within 6 months of deploying GPS Insight, Cable ONE was able to improve driver behavior by 68%. The speed tracking functionality offered by GPS Insight provides fleet managers with the ability to create alerts for when a driver surpasses a defined speed threshold.


The first time around, we used a competitor of GPS Insight and we didn’t have the reports that we needed. GPS Insight provides us with the ability to track those metrics as well as other metrics

– Tad D. –

Manager of Process Improvement and Workforce Management


With the GPS Insight data [integrated with Oracle Field Service Cloud (ETADirect)], we will know the GPS location of the job and the GPS location of the technician. So we will know when the technician closes out a job, we can see if the technician is actually still on site at the house when they close out the job and not under a shade tree two streets over, or at the coffee shop. That will help us improve productivity and drive compliance.

– Tad D. –


Integrated with Key Operational Software

The final requirement for a successful fleet tracking implementation, and the most important to improving the business, Cable ONE sought to integrate GPS data with their newly launched Oracle (TOA) Oracle Field Service Cloud (ETADirect) platform. Through its expansive list of APIs, GPS Insight offers a robust level of integrations into other software programs.

Key Takeaways

Ultimately, Cable ONE felt that the customization of the various alerts, automated reporting, and integrations with other platforms was the best aspect of the vehicle & asset tracking solution and what ultimately lead to their decision to partner with GPS Insight.

Improve fleet safety

Ensure driver accountability

Endless software integrations