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Getting more from mobile assets and workers in the field.


Spending Too Much on Fuel.

Fuel costs are a significant expense for fleets – even worse, the price can fluctuate unpredictably. With GPS tracking, you can take meaningful steps to gauge your current fuel use and formulate an action plan to reduce it.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

What’s the Impact of Spending Too Much on Fuel?

Here are a few questions to consider:

Would an increase in the cost of gasoline or diesel fuel shrink your profits?
Is your organization committed to initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint?
Do you have best practices for routing drivers efficiently or do your techs make repeat trips to your office throughout the day?
Are you concerned about employees violating speed limits in your vehicles?

The Solution to Fuel Costs:

The first step to solving efficiency problems is knowing how much fuel you burn. It’s also critical to understand your employees’ driving habits, as well as where they’re going when they leave for the day. These insights are the basis for improvement.


Employees Using Your Vehicles For Unauthorized Side Jobs.

What happens to your vehicles after employees clock out for the day? If you allow employees to take vehicles home, how do you ensure that they don’t abuse that privilege? GPS Insight Tracking provides visibility that can help ensure that your mobile assets and employees aren’t taking side jobs or racking up miles at your expense.

Unauthorized Vehicle Use

What’s the Impact of Using Your Assets for Side Jobs?

Here are a few questions to consider:

Do you know exactly where your vehicles are at the end of each workday?
Are you concerned about excessive wear and tear on your mobile assets?
Is protecting your organization’s reputation important to you?
Would completing more jobs every day generate more revenue?

The Solution to Side Jobs:

Historic and current data about vehicle locations is critical to preventing unauthorized vehicle use. It also helps to be able to set parameters for alerts when vehicles enter or leave pre-determined areas. This data ultimately ensures that your vehicles can do more every day.

Locating Your Assets When You Need Them.

Fleet people know that misplacing heavy equipment, trailers or vehicles is a real concern. Sure, they’re big – but your depots and yards are even bigger. Searching for missing mobile assets isn’t productive, and it’s even worse when they’ve been stolen rather than misplaced. GPS Insight can save you time and worry with insights that find your assets quickly.

trailer location

What’s the Impact of Missing Assets?

Here are a few questions to consider:

Do you want to monitor and protect your powered and non-powered assets?
Would seeing your trailer locations and verifying your drops/pickups at-a-glance improve your efficiency?
Is analyzing your maintenance needs a priority?

Do you want a solution for disabling and recovering stolen assets?

The Solution to Missing Assets:

GPS technology presents the perfect solution for missing or misplaced assets. You should also consider features that will meet specific needs, such as solar-powered trackers that are always operating.


Vehicle Wear and Tear.

Buying vehicles is a huge undertaking for fleet management. It makes sense to take steps to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. The first step is getting real insights into vehicle utilization.

reduce fuel use

What’s the Impact of Vehicle Wear and Tear?

Here are a few questions to consider:

Are you replacing more vehicles more frequently than needed?
Is excessive idling a concern for your fleet?
Do you have vehicles breaking down frequently?
Are you interested in learning which of your vehicles are used most often?

The Solution to Vehicle Wear and Tear:

Vehicle wear-and-tear is hard to pinpoint without accurate information. Customizable reports allow you to schedule and verify maintenance, identify problematic vehicles, monitor vehicle utilization, and reduce idling.


Losing Time to Outdated Processes.

Lost time quickly adds up to lost revenue – help your team stop wasting time on manual processes, double data entry, correcting mistakes, chasing down customer payments, and driving across town for jobs. Then, watch your newfound efficiency turn into more revenue!

what is field management software

What’s the Impact of Losing Time?

Here are a few questions to consider:

How much time do you spend writing and processing paper work orders?
Have you ever made mistakes in your accounting that took extra time to find and fix?
Do you factor in job location when assigning work to your technicians?
Could your technicians take on additional jobs if they didn’t have to make multiple trips to the office throughout the day?

The Solution to Losing Time:

Field Service Management software eases the burden of time spent on manual processes. Electronic work orders, map-based scheduling, and QuickBooks Online sync allow you to focus less time on task work and more time on growing your business.


Business Analysis.

Running your business efficiently positions you to make it thrive and grow more-effectively than ever. Without proper insight into knowledge related to where your customers are coming from, what they’re coming to you for, what types of estimates you’re winning and losing, what kinds of jobs are most profitable, and what types of additional jobs you could take on, you could be missing out on data that would inform how to more-efficiently manage your operations and grow your business.

Business Analysis

What’s the Impact of Inefficient Business Analysis?

Here are a few questions to consider:

How do you manage open estimates and track wins and losses?
Do you know how your business is coming to you? How do you track it?
What kind of insights do you have into your revenue stream?
What types of jobs contribute the most and the least to your profitability?

The Solution to Business Analysis:

The reporting tools offered through Field Service Management software simplify and streamline the process of gathering data that helps you make informed decisions about your business. Revenue, marketing, and accounting reports set you up for more efficient management of your business and its growth.