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Preventing Holiday Theft with GPS

Preventing Holiday Theft with GPS Insight

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it’s also a peak period for theft, break-ins, and fleet or car theft. Protecting your valuables during this time is important, and one effective way for preventing holiday theft is to depend on GPS Insight.

Blog Revolutionizing Fleet Management Introducing Our Advanced EV

Revolutionizing Fleet Management: Introducing Our Advanced EV Tracking

GPS Insight is proud to announce our new Electric Vehicle Dispatch Software. We’re excited to partner with you as your fleet starts to go green. Our tailored EV tracking solution offers an opportunity to efficiently future-proof your fleet.

Blog CE Top Tech

GPS Insight wins Top Construction Technology Firm™ Award for Second Year in a Row

We’re excited to announce GPS Insight has been selected as a Top Construction Technology Firm™ by Construction Executive magazine. This is the second year in a row GPS Insight has received this honor.

Blog Driver Scorecards Your Solution to Better Fleet

Driver Scorecards – Your Solution to Better Fleet Training

Driver scorecards represent a pivotal step towards safer, more efficient fleets. They’re not just a tool but a pathway to a future where driver safety is in the hands of the individual driver. 

Blog Compliance Corner An FMCSA Safety Rating Process

An FMCSA Safety Rating Process Update

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking asking stakeholders if and how the agency should update its safety rating process.

Blog Your Boss Put a Dash Cam in Your Vehicle Now What Dealing with Driver Facing

Your Boss Put a Dash Cam in Your Vehicle. Now What?

Are you worried about having a dash cam in your work vehicle? Here’s how to make this technology work for you.

BLOG Cost of GPS

What is the Cost of GPS Tracking?

The cost of GPS tracking can vary based on options ranging from contract length to device types. This article breaks down some of the factors.

Blog What is the Cost of

What is the Cost of Telematics?

Find out what telematics cost in this post from GPS Insight – and learn more about how to reinvent the way you engage your fleet.

Blog Cannabis

Cannabis Dispensary Delivery – 4 Challenges Facing Business

Cannabis delivery is a fast-growing business opportunity, but it does have its obstacles. Let’s look at the top four challenges related to delivering medical and recreational marijuana.

Blog How to Create a Dash Cam

How to Create a Dash Cam Policy

If your organization is considering using in-cab cameras, it’s time to think about a dash cam policy. This guide will help you create one for your overall driver policy.

What is IFTA

What is IFTA? 12 Things You Need to Know

“What is IFTA?” is a common trucking industry question. This post is your guide to IFTA reporting, IFTA tax, and how it can affect your business.

What drains a car battery? Good news: Your GPS trackers

What Drains a Car Battery? Don’t Blame Your GPS Tracker

Good news: Your GPS trackers are not to blame for the dead batteries. Let’s look at some of the common reasons for vehicle battery drain.

What is asset tracking? Our GPS solution can help you manage it all.

What is Asset Tracking? Four Benefits to Better Manage Your Mixed Fleet

When you have a fleet that includes vehicles, trailers, heavy equipment, and other types of valuable assets, you need a GPS tracking solution that can help you manage it all.

Better understand dash cam laws for state

Dash Cam Laws: Are Dash Cameras Legal in Commercial Vehicles?

If you want to start a heated debate with commercial truck drivers, just mention driver-facing dash cams. Conversations about these devices sway from individual dash cam laws to philosophical concerns to conspiracies and right back again.

fleet and field

Driving Success: Merging Fleet & Field Service to Revolutionize Operations

GPS Insight recently partnered with Service Council on the webinar: “Merging Fleet & Field: How Data Can Elevate Employee Safety, CX & ESG Goals.” Read the webinar recap.

Mitigating Nuclear Verdicts

Mitigating Nuclear Verdict Risks: Best Practices for Fleets

There are best practices fleets can implement, like the use of smart dash cameras and GPS tracking, to help combat the rising trend of nuclear verdicts.


A Roadmap to Preventive Fleet Maintenance

Keep your fleet running smoothly by addressing preventive maintenance needs. Keep our weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly checklist on hand!


Dash Cam AI vs. Generative AI

Generative AI and the dash cam AI are two branches of artificial intelligence. GPS Insight uses AI to improve safety through real-time visual data analysis.


Unleashing Fleet Potential Through Regular Inspections

Regular fleet inspections help identify potential issues early, plus aid in reduced fuel consumption and cost savings.


Knowledge is Power! A Deep Dive Into Fleet + Field Integration Efforts

The GPS Insight mission to pair fleet telematics solutions and FSM is transforming how organizations do business.


The Recipe for Effective Fleet Safety – The Five Must-Have Ingredients

A recent GPS Insight webinar detailed the five core ingredients needed to create a safer fleet – learn how to apply them to your business.


Clean Air Month: Fleet & Field Working for Change

It’s National Clean Air Month, and GPS Insight is here to help fleets do their part to reduce their environmental impact. Read our latest blog!

FMCSA Crash Preventability

What You Need to Know About FMCSA’s Proposal to Expand its Crash Preventability Program

In an attempt to clarify existing eligible crash types and add new crash scenarios, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has proposed changes to its Crash Preventability Determination Program.


Back to Back! GPS Insight Again Wins Compass Intelligence Top IOT Vehicle Telematics Company Award

GPS Insight has, once again, been recognized as the best in the industry for fleet and field by winning IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year.