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Construction Fleet Management Solutions.

Construction vehicle and tool tracking, dash cameras, and field service software designed to solve your biggest business challenges.

Helping construction companies succeed


Your construction business depends on the reliability and efficiency of your drivers, crews, and equipment. You suspect there are inefficiencies and unusually high operating costs. You are looking for a tool that will answer the unknowns about your mobile operations.


GPS Insight takes the manual processes and guesswork out of your construction fleet management. Our solutions provide construction companies like yours with the visibility to run efficiently and helps you integrate all aspects of your business. Overall, you’ll reduce costs while increasing safety…and revenue.

Extend Vehicle & Equipment Lifecycles

Don’t let important services slip through the cracks. Construction GPS tracking makes maintenance scheduling simple and accurate.

Increase Safety

Know exactly where everyone is located, what they’re doing, and how they’re driving to and from job sites. In the event of an incident, protect your team using a smart dash cam like Driveri.

Improve Billing Accuracy

Determine time-on-site and number of visits to accurately invoice customers the first time.

Dispatch More Efficiently

View real-time locations with telematics to provide accurate ETAs and determine the best assets or workers to deploy to the job site with field service software.

Recover Stolen Assets Faster

Know if tools and vehicles are moving when—or where—they shouldn’t. Use real-time location data to immediately notify authorities.

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Construction Fleet and Field Service Management Solutions

GPS Tracking

Driveri Fleet Safety Dash Cam

Field Service Management Software


“We have saved over one million dollars in fuel costs alone in the last 12 months, and we have saved thousands of dollars in other projects using the GPS Insight toolset.“

Kenny Harvey

Rio Tinto – Kennecott Utah Copper

a pickup truck next to a excavator and backhoe

Powerful Technology that
Keeps Dollars in Your Pocket

Fleet + Field Solutions

There are many overhead costs that go into running your business. GPS Insight helps you analyze these expenses in the most comprehensive way to ensure your construction business is not paying a dollar more than you should on unnecessary costs.

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