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Quickly track any type of high-value asset in real-time.

Stop theft, minimize misplacement, and maximize the full potential of your resources with a single platform view that does it all. Ensure containers bins, and more are protected.

Get oversight now with actionable asset location data.

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The #1 Asset Tracking System in America

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Uncover details that may surprise you...

Fleet tracking system that allows you to Keep track of your most valuable assets. Receive notifications when heavy equipment and more is moved. Rest easy knowing you fully utilize your resources.

Start today with the most reliable asset tracking solutions.

“We were able to identify some of the things we needed in the reporting tools. The interface was user-friendly; we were looking for something that would transition us to an easy training for all of our staff, between dispatch, safety, maintenance.

Ryan Brown, Business Development — Bizi Transport 

What you need to know before choosing a vendor

How does GPS Insight stack up against the competition? Check out how we compare to other vendors from cost to features and everything in between.

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Data that actually makes a difference.

Choose from several different GPS asset-tracking devices, each with unique strengths depending on your use case.

The trackers are easy to install and feature battery- or solar-powered options for self-charging. 

Whether it’s a shipping container, bulldozer, or tractor. We’ll track it.


Geofence-triggered movement alerts for job sites.

When your assets arrive or leave a geofenced location it creates an “enter” or “exit” time-tracking stamp.

You can run the a report to get the accumulated “time-on-job” per asset.

Maximize your fleet and keep them utilized with asset trackers

Landmark History Reports for GPS asset tracking


We've got options for every application.

Choose from a wide variety of GPS asset trackers that fit the needs of any operation. With cellular options for urban tracking and satellite for remote areas, these battery- and solar-powered units let you track anything, anywhere. You can run the a report to get the accumulated “time-on-job” per asset.

Power Source Options

Connectivity Options

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Icons Hardwired


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Icons Solar


Icons Satellite 2


Icons Cellular



GPS Insight is your partner from beginning to end.

Get up and running, fast.

Our user-friendly solutions, easy-install GPS trackers, and dedicated support resources keep you on the road and running for the long haul.

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No power source required.

The trackers come standard with a battery that lasts up to 10 years whether it is connected to satellite or cell coverage.

See last-known location.

Long after leaving an asset behind, you can see its last-known location so you know where to look when you come back, giving you peace of mind.

Accurately bill your customers.

Renting out some of your assets? Get reporting on engine hours and quickly calculate how much time it spent on job sites.
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The system pays for itself.

When you reduce your monthly fuel, repair, and insurance bills, you easily regain the dollars you’ve spent. Cut costs across the board when you keep drivers from speeding, idling, or making unnecessary stops

A fleet tracking solution that immediately pays you back is an easy choice.

Tracee Scott
Tracee Scott
Fleet and Fuel Services Manager City of Las Vegas
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“We were able to pick and choose and really make it work for us and that matters. It matters when you're trying to do not just your vehicles but your entire fleet - equipment included. It's about being heard being seen and being valued. I will recommend them to everyone. Stop what you're doing - go get GPS Insight right now, trust me”
Brittany Wellman
Brittany Wellman
General Manager
Home Clean Heroes
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"I was able to make adjustments to my routes and retrain my team to be able to stop at places along the way instead of going 10 or 15 minutes out of their way. That allowed us to increase our margin from 35 percent up to 65 percent, and we were able to cut our labor cost by 1/3 which increased our gross profit by $125,000."
Danielle Paluska
Danielle Paluska
Office Manager
Bartholemew Electric
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“It is very cost-effective for us. Now, we don’t get questions when we present customers with their bill and travel time because we support it with the documentation that we can print from GPS Insight. It’s helping to bring our money back that we were losing, as well as be more efficient when we’re on the job.”


GPS Insight is the easiest way to fully utilize your high-value assets.

See how GPS data can benefit your organization best. Maximize utilization, keep valuable assets deployed where they need to be & know they’re safe and secure.

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Core Telematic Features:

TT-2200 Trailer Tracking Device

Save on the BEST GPS trackers

Ask about our rechargeable GPS tracking devices with extended internal battery life. Trailer tracking devices are weatherproof and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.