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The GPS Insight Podcast is hosted by Carla Wardin.


Podcast Episodes

No U-Turns

featuring David Press

David Press, Director of Small Business, discusses Bluetooth tool tracking, the hot trends in today’s industry, and the best way for fleets to reduce costs.

Sharing the Crown

featuring Kelley Long

Kelley Long, Customer Support Manager, explains our customer support levels, how her team makes it a painless process, and how her career is like a scene from ‘Mean Girls’…in a good way.

Keeping Companies Sticky

featuring Krista Jurczenia

Krista Jurczenia, Strategic Services Manager, talks about the marketing tools available to our partners, how we’re forming solid relationships, and our plans for getting even better.

Lifecycle of the Customer

featuring Mitchell Wasser

Mitchell Wasser, Supply Chain and Fulfillment Manager, discusses how 2020 made his job easier for everyone to understand, how his team strives to give people a positive experience, and how they sit (literally) right in the middle of the lifecycle of the customer.

Unlocking Value

featuring Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer, Product Education Manager, wants customers to be able to get everything possible out of our tools, and he’s got the videos, articles, and tutorials to prove it.

Being a Detective

featuring Antonio Fernandez

Antonio Fernandez, Senior Strategic Account Manager, works as a partner, consultant, and relationship builder to help our customers make the most of our tools.


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