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Why Switch to GPS Insight?

When you invest in technology, you expect to achieve results and maximize your return.
At GPS Insight, we couldn’t agree more.

Should You Get a New Fleet or Field Service Management Solution?

You took a big step and invested time and resources into a fleet or field service management solution to provide visibility and insights that reduce costs and risk, boost productivity, and increase revenue.

Perhaps you are considering switching because:

Your needs have changed and your current provider cannot accommodate.

The market has changed so much over the last few years it is time to upgrade to the next level.

Important questions about your current provider:

Do they treat you like a valued client?

Do they have an efficient installation or implementation process that minimizes downtime?

Are they 100% focused on fleet and field solutions, or is it just a side hustle?

A Different Approach to Supporting Fleets and Field Service Teams.

A Different Approach to Supporting Fleet People.

Since 2004, GPS Insight has worked tirelessly to anticipate and respond to fleet and field service needs and build the solutions that help the nervous system of our economy thrive. Bringing new and powerful tools to the market, through innovation and creativity—GPS Insight continues to evolve through the adoption of relevant partners, and a focus on building solutions for the market we serve.

We do it all with energy, care, and an unwavering desire to make our client’s lives safer and easier. We do it all—because we care.

We take clients back to a time when they were more than a number.

Fleet People
GPS Insight Customer Experience

Be Treated Like A Valued Client.

Customized Assistance

If you want on-demand help, it’s available to you. From setting goals to configuring reports to crafting a safety policy, you’ll be able to turn insights into actions with help from our experts.

24/7/365 U.S. Based Primary Support.

With an average hold time of 46 seconds, you’ll connect with us quickly.

Coterminous Contracts

Treat all your devices like they’re on the same contract, regardless of when you added them to your fleet.

Efficient Installation, Minimal Downtime.

Experienced In-house Teams

Our install team has nearly 50 years of combined experience with installing GPS-related products.

Rigorous Vetting Process for Partners

Since we install throughout North America, we have to leverage install partners to get installations done quickly and efficiently. We have high standards for installation partners, along with an in-depth SOP manual. We guarantee the quality of the installation.

Guided Self Installs

If you have the resources to do the installation yourself, we offer in-depth installation guides and our technical support team is available 24/7/365 to help along the way.

GPS Insight Install Experts
GPS Insight Fleet People Focus

Be Treated Like a Valued Client. Efficient Fleet Installation, Minimal Downtime.

Solving Fleet Challenges Isn’t a Side Hustle.

Core Focus

Some providers got into fleet and field service management by buying a company with GPS tracking technology to support their other ventures, like cellular networks, tires, and industrial IoT. Us? We only offer technologies to help fleet and field professionals get the insights they need.

Frequent Product Updates

Our development team goes deep in understanding what you need and why you need it, pushing out innovative features on a monthly basis.


Easing Your Workload

Our solutions combine tracking, smart cameras, compliance, and field service management to conveniently address every aspect of your mobile workforce.

Field Service Software So You Can Do More.

Simplify Your Field Operation

FieldAware’s vision is to simplify field service management and put the focus of our technology where it matters most: in the field. Our dynamic solutions are built to drive the maximum productivity from field workers while providing the real-time information and reporting to the back office.

Get More Done Each Day

We aim to make life easier for your dispatchers and field teams, so they get more done every day. We take advantage of the newest technologies that make operating your service business easier, so you can focus on running your business—not running your systems.

Gain Total Visibility

For a service business, every truck roll is expensive. FieldAware reduces the need for multiple visits by putting customer work history, asset tracking capabilities, and job documentation at the field engineer’s fingertips. Because there is no need for paperwork, the back office can see the job status in real-time, and field technicians can find everything they need right from their mobile device.

GPS Insight Fleet People Focus

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