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Helping Government fleets exceed their goals.

Why GPS Insight.

We understand that Government fleet management has challenges that are far different from your private-sector counterparts. GPS Insight government fleet solutions are crafted with your needs in mind, ensuring that you will achieve your goals.

Why GPSI pointer

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With GPS Insight, you can improve:


Reduce accidents and distracted driving, exonerate drivers, enforce safety policies.


Support environmental initiatives, validate citizen claims, ensure jobsite compliance, improve community image.


Achieve green initiative goals, automate preventative maintenance, reduce fuel consumption, maximize asset utilization, operate within budget.


Geofencing & Overlays.

GPS Tracking Manhole Covers

Adapting Features to Your Needs.

Often, our customers use our features in creative ways. One example of how some municipalities use overlays and geofencing is by mapping out manholes in the city. They then can use this data to filter by which manholes have power, ladders, hazardous materials, or lights. Adding these as attributes within a geofence can ensure that you dispatch vehicles and employees with the right equipment to get the job done.

Upgrading Your
Maintenance Depots.

Some of our government customers have numerous and large yards. They create geofences within the yard to know exactly where to find each mobile asset. This eliminates guesswork and saves time.

Our Government Fleet Solutions.

GPS Tracking.

Gain full, real-time visibility

Manage dispatch

Track locations

Reduce expenses

Coach drivers

Trips Telematics Infographic

Software Integrations.

Enhance other solutions you already work with.

New GPS Integrations Group 1
Driveri Smart Camera Hero

Smart Cameras.

Dual view HD cameras

Advanced AI processor with edge computing

Detects good AND bad driving habits, u-turns, high g-force events, and more 

4G wireless connectivity

Simple to use, no sifting through hours of footage


Simple, DOT compliant DVIR

Eliminates wasted driver time and reporting inaccuracies

Lower maintenance costs and fleet downtime

Forced violations checklist 

Customizable DVIR points and management alerts

Capture and upload vehicle defect photos

DVIR Mobile App Hero2