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Everything you need to know about your trailers.

Never lose your trailers again. Allocate your supply better, fully utilize your resources, and get detailed insights on what they're up to 24/7.

A fleet management solution tailored for real-time GPS trailer tracking.


The Best Trailer Tracking System in America


Fleet trailer tracking solution for all types

Keep track of your trailers in rotation.

Get visibility into key areas and live location updates to better manage all types of trailers. You’ll know how to bill for and save money at the end of the day.

Fully utilize your trailers.

“We were able to identify some of the things we needed in the reporting tools. The interface was user-friendly; we were looking for something that would transition us to an easy training for all of our staff, between dispatch, safety, maintenance.

Ryan Brown, Business Development — Bizi Transport 

Take full control of trailer utilization habits

Get our guide on how to rightsize efforts by identifying inefficiencies, underutilized assets, and more.



Completely eliminate unauthorized use.

Get an alert to your cell phone or email that tells you the second a truck moves after hours and if it’s outside an authorized travel area.

Start protecting your trailers now. 

Image of a phone with a text alert on the left, truck on a highway with GPS trailer tracker track point on the right
Map of different trailers and vehicles being routed to various job sites


Make routes a lot more efficient.

See which of your techs are available and dispatch them to their next job.

With real-time GPS everything is visible at a moment’s notice and there’s no need to wait for techs to call back.

Set common-sense routes now.



Watch maintenance repair issues drop through the floor.

The maintenance log permanently tracks everything. You get notified of mechanical issues long before a check-engine light comes on and even battery power issues.

Let the software tell you when an oil change is due. GPS Insight automatically alerts you about what needs to be done.

Maximize your fleet health and keep them utilized with asset trackers

man looking at a tablet and maintenance log showing


GPS Insight is your partner from beginning to end.

Get up and running, fast.

Our user-friendly solutions, easy-install GPS trackers, and dedicated support resources keep you on the road and running for the long haul.

A one-stop shop to manage your entire fleet.

Everything is included. You don't have to go elsewhere for cameras, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, or geofencing. It's all on there.

Accountability for employees.

Manage employees to make sure they are accountable and reliable. See the details of where they’re at and at what times.

A better experience for your customer.

When you know your trailer's location, which tech are the closest, and who has the time, you can serve your customers right away.
man on a tablet leaning against a semi with a calculator that says "save" pasted on top of the image.


The system pays for itself.

When you reduce your monthly fuel, repair, and insurance bills, you easily regain the dollars you’ve spent. Cut costs across the board when you keep drivers from speeding, idling, or making unnecessary stops

A fleet tracking solution that immediately pays you back is an easy choice.

Tracee Scott
Tracee Scott
Fleet and Fuel Services Manager City of Las Vegas
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“We were able to pick and choose and really make it work for us and that matters. It matters when you're trying to do not just your vehicles but your entire fleet - equipment included. It's about being heard being seen and being valued. I will recommend them to everyone. Stop what you're doing - go get GPS Insight right now, trust me”
Brittany Wellman
Brittany Wellman
General Manager
Home Clean Heroes
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"I was able to make adjustments to my routes and retrain my team to be able to stop at places along the way instead of going 10 or 15 minutes out of their way. That allowed us to increase our margin from 35 percent up to 65 percent, and we were able to cut our labor cost by 1/3 which increased our gross profit by $125,000."
Danielle Paluska
Danielle Paluska
Office Manager
Bartholemew Electric
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“It is very cost-effective for us. Now, we don’t get questions when we present customers with their bill and travel time because we support it with the documentation that we can print from GPS Insight. It’s helping to bring our money back that we were losing, as well as be more efficient when we’re on the job.”


GPS Insight is the easiest way to control costs and report to your customers.

See how GPS trailer tracking devices can benefit your organization best. As you change your practices, you will see cost savings in maintenance, fuel costs, labor, and more. 

Trailer trackers for wide variety of different assets

Core Telematic Features:

Save on the BEST GPS trackers

Ask about our rechargeable GPS tracking devices with extended internal battery life. Trailer tracking devices are weatherproof and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

It’s easy to say “trailers can’t go anywhere by themselves, so why track them?” But stolen trailers are often in the news, like this story about a missing trailer that contained nearly 100,000 meals for homeless veterans. Trailer tracking would’ve been invaluable in resolving this situation.

As you can see, GPS trailer trackers can protect both the trailer and its contents. It allows you to check their locations, verify drops/pickups, and much more. And the solar-powered trailer trackers won’t even increase your carbon footprint or cost more money to power. In short, a trailer tracker addresses accountability, compliance, safety, and efficiency.

Trailer tracking devices use GPS and cat-m1* cell networks or satellite network providers*. 0This allows them to provide information including real-time and historic location and time spent at a customer for drop-offs and pickups. This data can ensure that drivers don’t make unauthorized stops or detours with trailers.

Also, trailer tracking devices must be externally powered (for powered or motorized trailers), or powered by a rechargeable battery* or solar cells (for non-powered or non-motorized trailers). The only other device needed to track your fleet’s trailers is a Web-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer to access the trailer tracker software.

Depending on the refresh rate setting of the installed trailer tracking device, a manual ping will give you the approximate location of a trailer. Typically, refresh rates update at intervals of a few times per day, or even once daily. Some can also be motion based. This also depends on the type of device: Some are only available in one configuration, while you can set others up to suit your needs.

GPS trailer tracking can locate lost or stolen trailers as well as pinpoint the location of trailers incorrectly parked. A trailer tracker can even help identify illegal behavior that could result in lost trailers or vehicles, wrecks, and stolen goods.

Trailer tracking utilization reports show the details of how much your organization is using its trailers. Filtering by unutilized trailers, daily utilization, miles, and trips provides insight into which trailers your organization uses most and least often.

A powered GPS tracking solution allows you to stay on top of preventative maintenance for all your operation’s vehicles, trailers, reefers*, and other mobile assets. By creating a schedule and setting reminders, you can automatically alert your maintenance team when a trailer’s maintenance date is approaching, due, or overdue.

And with fleet maintenance reports, you can make sure maintenance services are performed—giving you peace of mind*.

You can get the best GPS trackers* starting with a monthly fee* of $21.95 for Standard accounts. Solar-powered options are available for a $150 hardware fee per device.