Automating Fleet Maintenance Reminders: Save Time and Money

automating fleet maintenance reminders
The manual and time-consuming processes traditionally associated with managing your fleet maintenance are over thanks to advanced fleet maintenance software and GPS tracking data. One of the most common needs for fleets is automated fleet maintenance and there is no question why – it saves both time and money by automating the entire process. Since most of the other areas of fleet management are automated, it makes sense that maintenance should be automated as well.


They key differentiation among most fleet maintenance software and fleet maintenance software with GPS tracking data is the automated odometer readings. Stand alone fleet maintenance software does not capture odometers without integrating with a GPS tracking platform to capture mileage or run time. Meaning you would still have to manually check each vehicle to know their odometers and enter that into the maintenance software or you would have to pay the additional cost for the GPS tracking software. To fully automate the process and make things simple, it is critical to work with a GPS tracking provider that has good maintenance software built into the platform so that you are only using one platform to get the job done.


Not all GPS tracking software providers have maintenance software as well, so make sure that you go with an advanced solution that makes keeping track of maintenance for any of your vehicles as easy as the click of a button. You can simply create a schedule and set reminders to alert the appropriate personnel once a vehicle’s maintenance is coming up or due. This way, the process of notifying the driver and the maintenance staff is automated and much less tedious.

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

With fleet maintenance reports, view any vehicles or assets that are upcoming, due, or overdue for maintenance to make sure they are not being over utilized.


Having a vehicle break down on the job due to overlooked maintenance is not only costly but can also put your drivers in danger. Using GPS tracking software to track mileage until the next service will help avoid the costly aftermath when a vehicle breaks down. By staying on top of this you will eliminate costs and better protect your drivers.

Service Reminder Alert

Surely, you are reading this because fleet maintenance is a top priority to make sure operations are running smoothly, so why not make it as simple as possible for yourself? Using fleet maintenance software and GPS tracking data will eliminate the time-consuming process and significantly reduce costs.