Our Partner Ecosystem is more than just a marketplace, it is flexible based on your objectives. GPS Insight helps organizations engage their fleet by providing innovative solutions and actionable insights.

How You Can Partner 

Referral Partner

Referral partners can stay focused on their primary products/services and refer over the prospect for the GPS Insight team to lead the sales process, billing, implementations, installations, and ongoing support.

Reseller Partner

Of course, we’re here to support you – in the background – allowing you to be the go-to resource for your customers. Our reseller partners have the bandwidth on their team to own the sales, marketing, implementation and servicing process with their customers.

White Label Reseller

Our white label partners’ brands are a force in their markets, and we want to support the seamless brand experience when necessary. You can private label everything from the customized domain, mobile app, logo, and marketing materials.

VP of Channel and Strategic Partnerships, Ted Cole chats with Channel Partners about our program and emerging technology plays for resellers.
Affordable GPS Tracking shares their success story as a GPS Insight reseller.

Offer Your Clients 


Business Analytics



Why Fleet Technology? 


There are approximately 18.5 million fleet vehicles, five million commercial trailers, and 1.3 million pieces of heavy construction equipment in the U.S. alone.*


Overall U.S. MRM market revenues are estimated to grow from $4.8 billion in 2018 to $6.8 billion in 2022.*


Receive the recurring revenue you can't get from selling hardware alone.


Sell technology your clients will come to depend on.

See the Benefits of Reselling IoT for Fleets

The Market is Changing

In addition to the emerging marketplaces, vendors will evolve their programs past pyramid tiers and start looking at partners based on their skills around buyer types, sub-industries, geographies, sectors, segments, customer size, and the technology stack. Ecosystems will encourage partnering with other partners, as well as hyper-specialization among the millions of customer opportunities.

Jay McBain, Principal Analyst
Channels, Partnerships, & Alliances for Forrester Research Inc.

Partner with Confidence 

Trust the Experts

You can partner with confidence knowing our technology is well-established and reliable. We have been successfully offering solutions in this industry since 2005.

Customer Service Excellence

Our customer service and support teams have received numerous accolades for their dedication to customer success and problem-solving.

Authorized Partners

You can join the Ecosystem with assurance all partners you connect with meet our standards. We review every business solution provider and partner before they become a part of this community. 

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