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Fleet dash cameras

Never be blind to driver behavior again.

Incorporate the most intelligent cameras on the market. Save on paying for an accident you didn’t cause while improving the quality of your drivers.

Get a quick dash cam install and enhance your visibility today.


GPS Insight is the #1 Choice for Fleets in North America


Does this sound familiar? If so, you need smart Dash Cams.

Maybe you can trust your fleet, but you can’t always trust other drivers…  


Coverage Where It counts

Never be defenseless against the myriad of hazards your fleet faces.

Put an end to drivers being blamed for accidents they didn’t cause. Stop spending time tracking vehicles and chasing false claims made against you instantly from your computer. 

Remove the target on your back with a Driveri Camera.

“We’re definitely saving insurance-wise. We’re saving with deductibles when we have an accident that’s absolutely not our fault & we’re able to justify it through video”

– Bill, Dir. Of Operations, VPNE


Scam Proof

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

The Driveri Dash cam is your reliable witness, so you never miss a single moment on the road. Footage can easily be sent to the insurance companies saving you thousands of dollars every year in claims.

A hand holding a pen pointing to a table that is being held by someone else


It's not “Boss is watching”, It's “Boss, watch this."

Telling your crew about safety is one thing. Putting them in a friendly competition to hold themselves accountable and improve personal scores is another. Fleets who adopt this system don’t have a “big brother” culture, they have  a collaborative “check out my score” culture.

Secure Savings

Get more features while spending less.

In three simple steps, you and your fleet can create a means to improve your bottom line, while still using the best dash cam on the market.

1. Notification when there is a safety concern
2. Use data to negotiate lower insurance costs
3. Save money, get peace of mind


Success story:

City of Lake Jackson.

Cindy DeWitt, with the City of Lake Jackson, liked our service so much from a previous employer, she bought it twice.

Learn how the City of Lake Jackson, TX improved waste
Management efficiency with GPS Insight.

You need a policy and there's no reason to start from scratch.

Our policy guides management, drivers, and your legal team so everyone knows where, when, and how footage can be monitored and evaluated.


All the perks

What the AI detects.

Powered by machine learning, Driveri automatically analyzes and scores every moment on the road. It then labels that behavior into three categories. Some examples of each event are:


The system pays for itself.

We love being more than just a software platform. We act as an extension of your team to ensure your success. Our support team is on standby to support you every step of the way.

man on a tablet leaning against a semi with a calculator that says "save" pasted on top of the image.

Cindy DeWitt


Superintendent of Public Works

We could not only track the vehicles and what they're doing, we can have the mapping system and also have safety because the camera will notify us if there is a safety concern. Compared to the other brands, there was more to it of what we wanted.

Don BOwman


VP of Engineering & Operations

It was very important for us to start recording their activities and making sure we were protecting our drivers. At the same time, giving us a scorecard on our drivers to make sure that we were improving our skills at the same time.



A GPS camera system that checks off all the boxes.

Protect your drivers and vehicles with a commercial dash cam system that offers peace of mind. You will quickly recover the dollars you’ve spent when at-fault claims drop off significantly.


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