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Ensure nothing slips
through the cracks again.

Full visibility of your fleet solves a lot of challenges. Improve fleet management, construction equipment utilization, fleet accountability, and more with this all-in-one solution.

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The #1 GPS Equipment Tracking System in America


Sound familiar?

You need GPS Insight.


A real-time system for real-time problems.

Equipment tracking that gets the job done.

Our tracking solution has proven to be a reliable service for heavy equipment. A dependable tracking system that keeps your heavy equipment monitored in real-time, every time.

Two screens. Top screen shows construction equipment in use, second screen shows equipment tracking via geofencing.
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Hear more from our customers

“Everything works every time you turn it on, everything’s there where you want it, and it’s user-friendly. It’s easy to get the reports you need.”

– Sam Leow, Alten Construction Shop Manager



Thwart theft in 15 minutes.

One day of lost construction equipment could mean 4 months of lost productivity. With our real-time GPS trackers, you can get stolen equipment back in your yard within 15 minutes with GPS Insight equipment tracking.



Track run time, billable hours,
and job costs.

Make sure each piece is being used on-site and efficiently by tracking fuel usage. Keep track of the accurate costs of a job with our equipment tracking solution.


Keep your guys in line and in the know.

Monitoring whether your equipment is flying down the route, your operator is taking longer routes, or employees are miscommunicating their hours are challenges that can be solved with our equipment tracking system. Get peace of mind with our tracking technology.

Keep your guys in line and in the know 2

How to Introduce GPS Tracking Devices to Employees

An equipment tracker goes a long way, and it’s important to get your drivers onboard. Download this how-to and get your guys comfortable with a GPS tracking solution that will make their lives easier and save you money.


real quotes from happy customers and use cases

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See where your equipment is with one click, and cut down on costs while you’re at it.

With full visibility of their fleet, Lifescape Custom Landscaping could track down its stolen equipment with just one click, saving them more than $20k.

“They stole a walk-behind tractor called a Dingo, which is worth $25,000. After that happened, I didn’t have any problem paying the monthly fee.”

Jeff Veliquette
President, Lifescape Custom Landscaping

Lifescape Custom Landscaping Cover Photo

Top-tier asset tracking devices are waiting for you.

Graphic of technical reporting

Clear estimations of man-hours for your ROI with GPS devices.

Putting just one tracker on your job site will get you an estimate on man-hours for you to reference on future job bids. Improve your company’s ROI with asset management.

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A custom plan with plenty of options.

We have various plans, deals, and options for every individual customer’s need, with prices you can’t beat. From satellite, to solar, to battery-powered, we’ve got options.

Construction equipment working on land

While your foreman keeps an eye on their operators, we’ll keep an eye on your foreman.

GPS tracking can show you location data, allowing you to reduce travel times for a more efficient operation.

Snow plow working on a snowy hill

Hardware that can weather any storm.

Rain, sleet, snow – even dust, wind, and extreme temperatures – our versatile equipment tracking can handle it all. Heavy equipment asset trackers are particularly durable to withstand the nature of any heavy-duty job, it’s almost weatherproof! From the desert to the mountains, our tracking software has you covered with highly durable trackers on your heavy equipment. Our coverage areas are as far North as Edmonton, Canada, to Miami Florida, with everything in between.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!​

Customer Success Stories

Corrosion Service​

“[GPS Insight] allows me to be proactive as opposed to being reactive—potentially stopping an event before it happens.”

Matt Cahill, National Health & Safety Manager

Customer Success Stories

John Jackson Masonry

“I had equipment stolen, and within 15 minutes I’m on-site to get it and have it in our backyard.

Matt Carlson, Vice President and Safety Director

Customer Success Stories

Bizi Transport Inc.​

“[Tracking trailers] allows us to put those assets elsewhere or provide cost savings for our customers. So yeah, it’s a plus.”

Ryan Brown, Business Development Executive


GPS Insight doesn’t just solve your problems – we improve your operations overall.


If you’re looking for something that’s dependable, efficient, and an easy install, GPS Insight is your best bet. Gain full visibility over your fleet to inform your decision-making and keep your crew both safe and productive with equipment and vehicle tracking.

Start tracking your equipment now.

plug and play GPS insight device that goes into the ODB port.

Save when you plug and play.

Ask about our OBDII devices with Y-cable add-ons to hide the unit behind the dash and avoid tampering*