How GPS Insight Can Help You by the Role You Play within Your Organization

Find out how your role might be positively impacted by the use of fleet management technology:

CEO / Owner

CFO / Accounting



Safety / Risk

Business Analyst

CEO / Owner.

High-Level Data to Make Important Decisions

At your level, you have to focus on the big picture. That’s why you might need help getting actionable insights to make important business decisions.

Your Primary Objectives How We Help
Company Value Reduce operating costs by better managing fuel consumption, true labor hours, maintenance, job costing, etc.
Brand Improve driver and public safety by monitoring driver behavior.
Reduce your carbon footprint driving fewer miles and reducing idle time.
Stakeholder Satisfaction Generate higher profits from increased revenue and lower operating costs.
Improve the customer experience.
Corporate Citizenship Reduce your carbon footprint.
Make roads safer.
Buy American.
Future Proofing Increase competitiveness.
Push your tech boundaries and operational intelligence.
Understand our clearly defined Product Roadmap.
Human Capital Development Reward responsible driver behavior and driver policy compliance.
See trends in positive driving habit changes.
Protect and exonerate drivers.
Make your office staff more efficient and effective with their time.
From basic dots on a map to cameras powered by artificial intelligence, we have fleet management options to grow and protect your brand, your assets, and your employees. That all adds up to customers who know they can count on you.

CFO / Accounting.

Advanced Data for High-Impact Decisions

Your expertise helps you find every inefficiency in your organization. And mobile assets offer myriad opportunities to make your resources go further – especially if you have the right data on your side.

Your Primary Objectives How We Help
Expenses Reduce fuel costs, integrate fuel cards to prevent fraud.
Easily verify time cards for payroll.
Cut vehicle maintenance costs/downtime. 
Operational Effectiveness Reduce off-hours usage and unauthorized stops.
Increase vehicle lifecycles and reduce annual replacement costs. 
Risk Reduce dangerous driving habits.
Get lower insurance rates. 
A comprehensive fleet management solution could lead to a full ROI within months.


Turning Information Into Efficiency

Interested in taking the guesswork out of decisions about your vehicles? Fleet management software can provide you with actionable insights that can save your organization money.

Your Primary Objectives How We Help
Expenses Reduce fuel costs, integrate fuel cards to prevent fraud.
Easily verify time cards for payroll.
Improve vehicle maintenance costs and downtime.
Operational Effectiveness Provide customers with job verification.
Give customers accurate ETAs and status updates.
Send the right vehicle at the right time to the right place.
Enforce driver policies with reliable data.
Reputation Improve the customer experience.
Improve driving habits.
Support green initiatives through reduced CO2 emissions.
Training and Support Reward your best drivers based on accountability, safety, and efficiency data.
Eliminate inefficienct processes that waste time and money.
For every objective – improving customer satisfaction, safer driving, combating fuel card fraud, reducing your carbon footprint – we have a solution.


Insight to Keep Your Fleet at Work

You’re the go-to person in keeping your organization’s mobile assets on the road. The right fleet management solution can help you address accountability, compliance, efficiency and safety.

Your Primary Objectives How We Help
Process Efficiency Track maintenance costs per vehicle.
Simplify IFTA reporting.
Get on-demand training from your account manager or online Help Center.
Create insightful reports on all things fleet.
Save time with a Web-based solution scalable to any fleet size.
Receive actionable and automated alerts.
Vehicle Productivity Monitor utilization to extend vehicle lifecycles.
Schedule maintenance proactively.
Cut vehicle downtime.
Reducing Overall Costs Track greenhouse gas emissions.
See vehicle odometers, MPGs, run times.
Reduce risk of accidents and unscheduled maintenance.
Risk Reward your best drivers.
Monitor and coach drivers.
Review driver events.
Understand the context for harsh driving.
Detect fuel card fraud.
Monitor speed and idle monitoring.
We have a number of solutions that will keep your trucks on the road, running as efficiently as possible day in and day out. And you’re backed by customer service that’s committed to your success.


Putting People First

Safeguarding your employees and your community also protects your brand.
What could help you make the right decisions to mitigate risk?

Your Primary Objectives How We Help
Safety and Security Mitigate risk by addressing speeding and other unsafe driver habits.
Reduce vehicle maintenance and downtime.
Maintain FSMA and other regulatory compliance.
Monitor trends in your drivers’ habits.
Prevent workplace health and safety hazards.
Provide ongoing safety training and planning.
DOT/FMCSA Compliance Ensure DVIRs are completed.
Know remaining on-duty hours.
Eliminate manual errors and common violations.
Accountability Track off-hours usage, unauthorized stops.
Receive detailed reports and automated alerts.
Know real-time location and status.
Address situations with verifiable data.
Vehicle Optimization Use the right vehicle for the right job.
Improve utilization.
Our team is ready to help your fleet improve its safety metrics and be more productive. We can help you 24-7 to provide data that matters so you can reinvent the way you engage your fleet.

Business Analyst.

Real Data, Real Results

Your organization relies on you for accurate information that informs its future. With fleet management data, you’ll understand your mobile assets better than ever – and be able to help your organization make informed decisions.

Your Primary Objectives How We Help
Data Availability Access your data indefinitely.
Customize and schedule insightful reports.
Access reports with one click.
Export to Excel.
Fleet Metrics/KPIs Get automated alerts and reports.
Monitor fuel usage.
Cut idling time.
Get insights into miles driven.
Operational Effectiveness Improve dispatching.
Integrate with other platforms.
Create custom APIs.
Enterprise visibility.
Safety Strategy/Risk Mitigation Deploy smart cameras.
Improve driver behaviors.
GPS Insight can provide fast access to data that matters. You’ll have access to all the information you need to help your organization put its vehicles and mobile assets to better use.


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