Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Tracking.

Better understand how your organization is running in real-time with GPS Tracking that provides visibility, actionable insights, and results.


GPS Insight Tracking Solution

Managing a fleet can pull you in different directions, making it difficult to focus on important initiatives, like safety, efficiency, and compliance, while also maintaining profitability. GPS Insight tracking makes it easier, giving you visibility into key areas of fleet management and allowing you to:  

With GPS Insight, You Can Manage:


Increase fleet visibility, monitor daily operations in real-time and stay ahead of vehicle maintenance to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase accountability.

  • See with pinpoint accuracy where your vehicles are in real-time, intelligently dispatch, and optimize your fleet.

  • Monitor and coach driver behavior to increase fleet safety, mitigate risk, and reduce costs associated with severe incidents.

  • Increase uptime and lower costs with real-time vehicle diagnostics, preventative maintenance scheduling, and insight into fleet utilization.


Receive deep visibility into trailer and yard operations to maximize utilization and improve operational efficiency.

  • Monitor usage and location on powered and non-powered assets.

  • See all trailer locations at a glance and verify drops/pickups.

  • Streamline maintenance to reduce downtime for trailers.
Heavy Equipment.

Understand the movement and usage of your powered and non-powered heavy equipment to improve performance, productivity, and utilization.

  • Monitor and protect your powered and non-powered assets.

  • Understand runtime, real-time location, and advanced utilization metrics.

  • Easily identify equipment maintenance needs across your entire business in real-time.

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Works.