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GPS Tracking Reports.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips. Whether you’re concerned with reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving safety, or achieving other specific business goals, GPS Insight has a report that can help.

Fleet Utilization Metrics
Insight into fleet activities.

Get insights into what your vehicles and mobile assets are up to every day. Many fleets find success with Activity Detail, Idle Time Detail/Summary, and Odd Hours reports, but there are many other reports that can help you with challenges specific to your organization.

From reduced operating costs to ending unauthorized asset use, you’ll find an activity report to fit your needs.

Insight into vehicle health.

Knowing about the health of your vehicles can help you head off problems that lead to breakdowns. Diagnostic Trouble Code reports can help you identify which vehicles need some attention ASAP.

Aiming to reduce your fuel use or carbon footprint? The Fuel Usage Detail report lets you compare vehicles to identify which ones might have mechanical issues – or drivers who are idling or speeding.

Insight into landmarks.

Landmark reports can help you with two important tasks: They’ll let you know when vehicles are where they shouldn’t be or take too long at job sites, and they’ll help you know that you’re consistently dispatching vehicles that are equipped with the right tools.

Reports like Landmark Group, Landmark Log, and Late Start will help you pinpoint clues that point to unauthorized use, idle time, personal use, and other issues.

Insight into speeding.

A quick summary of your drivers’ speeding habits can show how they’re improving – and also let you know if you need to encourage them to improve. With Acceleration Detail, Posted Speed Violations, and Speeding Violations, you’ll have the insights you need to improve fleet safety and ensure that employees stick to your policies.

That’s less wasted gas, less wear and tear on vehicles, and less risk to your organization’s reputation!

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