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About Us.

We built a fleet management system to improve visibility, increase efficiency, enhance safety, and sustainability – both on the road and in the field.

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Our Mission.

At GPS Insight, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients with proven capabilities, ease of use, and flexibility.

Our Journey.

GPS Insight was created in 2004 when the trucking industry needed a solution. It was started as an answer to a question. How do we help the fleet industry get the visibility and flexibility they need to be successful?

Since that day, GPS Insight has worked tirelessly to anticipate and respond to the industry’s needs and build the solutions that help the nervous system of our economy thrive. Bringing new and powerful tools to the market, through innovation and creativity—GPS Insight continues to evolve through the adoption of relevant partners, and a focus on building solutions for the market we serve.

We do it all with energy, care, and an unwavering desire to make our client’s lives safer and easier. We do it all—because we care.


Our Solutions.

Our solutions are transforming the way fleet and field service teams achieve operational efficiency and drive customer success.
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Our Principles.

At our core, we are rooted in providing mission critical insights to make physical operations on the road and in the field, simpler and safer to do.

Our Journey.

At GPS Insight, we are transforming the way organizations operate—on the road and in the field.We deliver actionable insights that drive the operations of our economy—providing safety and sustainability for all.

There’s a reason our clients are so confident in our abilities, it’s because as they change, we have been able to change to meet their needs. We are a lean, agile, fleet and field support team. ​

We focus on the experiences that matter.​ While we know the technology is exciting, we also understand that fundamentally it is there to serve a purpose—that it is easy to use and understand so you and your employees have better experiences on the road and in the field.

We speak fleet and field. ​

We were born on the road and raised in the field. Because we’ve been here so long, we understand what the complexities and challenges of the business are, and that’s just why we’re able to help alleviate them.

Fleet management and field services are continuously changing, so your support tools need to be able to adapt to your ever—evolving needs. We know—so we built our company to support that. Each and every product we launch, feature we add, partnership we pursue…we do it to support the needs of our customers.​

We believe users always come first. Period. ​

That’s why we create products that make your life easier, not more confusing. From each and every project, to our partnerships, to our user interfaces – we thoughtfully design every aspect of our solutions to create better outcomes for our stakeholders. Every detail matters.​

Our systems are focused on bringing you the right insights, the right way, at the right time. They’re purposely designed to make your days easier, safer, and more efficient.

Our Team.

Love what we’re doing? Join our team to be part of a high-growth software company that’s providing better experiences for fleet and field service organizations.

Are you ready to be part of our journey?

At GPS Insight, we know that when you invest in high-performance technology, you achieve results and maximize your return. We feel the same way about our people at GPS Insight. They are what allow us to build world-class solutions that make us leaders in the fleet and field service management space. They are what enable our customers’ success. They are our greatest asset. As a result, we take pride in a workplace committed to those who make us go.
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Our Values.

These are the values that guide our business, our product development, our brand, and our culture.