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Lifescape Custom Landscaping

Improves Equipment Security

Lifescape Custom Landscaping


Campbell, CA


Paying a little a month helped me save $25,000. . .GPS Insight is definitely worth it.

Jeff Veliquette

President, Lifescape Custom Landscaping

  • Saved $25,000 on equipment theft

  • Improved overall fleet management and security

  • Monitor equipment for most efficient use


Lifescape Custom Landscaping, founded by Jeff Veliquette, is a landscaping company based in California. The company specializes in a wide range of landscaping services, including landscape design, maintenance, and installation. With a fleet of various pieces of equipment, including track loaders and skid steers, Lifescape Custom Landscaping serves both residential and commercial clients in the region.


The Challenge: Equipment Theft and Security

One of the challenges Lifescape faced was the security of its valuable equipment. Track loaders and skid steers are important tools in the landscaping business, and their theft can result in substantial financial losses. Jeff Veliquette, President of Lifescape, recalled a specific incident where equipment theft brought this issue to light.

“I had a piece of equipment that was stolen, and we tracked it down, which was amazing,” Jeff said. “They stole a walk-behind tractor called a Dingo, which is worth $25,000. After that happened, I didn’t have any problem paying the monthly tracking fee. Paying a little a month helped me save $25,000 by getting that tractor back.”

Jeff outlined how easy it was to locate the stolen piece of equipment since it was in the GPS Insight system.

“I just logged in and clicked on the Dingo, and I could see exactly where it was parked at an apartment complex,” he said. “I called the police and had to prove it was mine. We got it back, and ever since, I haven’t once complained about paying this fee.”


Increased Security and Peace of Mind

In addition to theft recovery, GPS Insight has been instrumental in improving overall fleet management and security. Lifescape has the ability to monitor their equipment’s locations to make sure they are being used efficiently and securely.

Thanks to GPS Insight, Lifescape achieved the following benefits:

  • Enhanced equipment security: GPS Insight helped the company recover stolen equipment and deter potential thieves, saving them significant financial losses.
  • Real-time monitoring: The ability to monitor equipment locations in real-time has improved fleet management, giving Lifescape the ability to make sure their equipment assets are used efficiently and effectively.
  • Peace of mind: Lifescape knows their valuable equipment is protected and can be tracked in the event of theft or other incidents.
  • Cost savings: The recovery of stolen equipment and improved equipment utilization resulted in cost savings for the company.

Lifescape has a reliable partner in GPS Insight, as they can focus on delivering high-quality services to clients while having the confidence their equipment assets are secure.

“GPS Insight is definitely worth it,” Jeff said.