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Alten Construction

GPS Insight brings dependability and efficiency to the Bay Area for more than a decade.

Alten Construction


Richmond, CA


“Everything works every time you turn it on, everything’s there where you want it. And it’s easy to get the reports you need.”

“Everything is easy to track even if I’m not here. My employees are able to get into it and figure it out.”

Sam Leow
Shop Manager, Alten Construction

  • Solutions for the entire fleet

  • Reliable products
  • Easy to track


Alten Construction was founded in 1995. The general contractor builds a variety of public buildings, including schools, fire stations, and libraries in the Bay Area from San Jose to Santa Rosa, California. Sam Leow, Alten Construction’s Shop Manager, said that as Alten Construction grew, so did their need for a GPS tracking solution for their heavy-duty equipment.

“We wanted to be able to see where our trucks were to be able to dispatch them efficiently,” Leow said.

Alten Construction expanded their fleet substantially in a short time. Keeping an eye on all those new assets, as well as their drivers, was the new priority.

If a truck wasn’t being used effectively, Leow’s goal was to remedy that quickly and easily move the truck to a job site.

As if that weren’t enough, their different pieces of equipment needed specific pieces of GPS and installation hardware. A onesize- fits-all solution was not going to work. Alten Construction needed a solution that would work for each piece of equipment, a solution that always worked when it was turned on, and something their employees could use at a moment’s notice.


A tailor-fit tracking solution

GPS Insight was able to meet their needs while also exceeding their expectations. Now, Leow can make decisions about Alten Construction trucks and equipment that will maximize their productivity.

“I’ll go through the dashboard when somebody was a certain piece of equipment and see who else has one, and I’ll do a run time report on that piece to see if they’ve been using it for the past week or ten days or so,” he said. “If equipment is not being used, I’ll take it and put it someplace where it can be used instead of sitting.”

The company needed OBD2 trackers, truck trackers for semis, and at least 36 trackers for heavy-duty equipment. According to Leow, GPS Insight was the only provider who, “had tracking for everything for our equipment. There were different kinds of hardware to fit different kinds of equipment that we’re using.”



Too often Alten Construction heard the tales of equipment and services losing signal in rural areas, having short lifespans, and breaking easily after use. Alten Construction was looking for something dependable.

GPS Insight supplied a customer-tailored tracking solution that allowed Alten Construction to monitor their fleet – whether the trucks were in the yard or on the job. And for Leow, the best part is that the equipment works every time it’s turned on, making our service dependable and valuable for their company.

“Everything works every time you turn it on, everything’s there where you want it,” Leow said. “And it’s easy to get the reports you need.”

Easy to follow

As technology ramps up in every industry, finding something with a user-friendly interface seems to have become harder and harder. In their experience, GPS Insight has been easy to use and easy to follow from the start.

Alten Construction first reached out to GPS Insight in the early 2010s and has never looked back. After a decade of dependable GPS tracking, Leow says the solution is still user-friendly and easy to follow.

“Everything is easy to track even if I’m not here,” Leow said. “My employees are able to get into it and figure it out.”

Leow recommends GPS Insight to anybody who asks and is currently working with our customer support to install GPS Insight dash cameras on Alten Construction trucks.