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Hilco Development Services

GPS Insight provides more than just a GPS tracker.

Hilco Development Services

Commercial General Contracting and Real Estate Development Projects

Long Beach, CA


“There’s overall a safer sense of driving with Driveri.”

“There’s no other system that incorporates all of the things that I’ve seen that your system does.”

Jim Kvidera
Operations Supervisor, A-TEC Ambulance

  • Dramatic reduction in driver violations

  • Able to defend drivers against false claims

  • Created a culture of coaching and safe habits


Founded in 2020, Hilco Development Services focuses on commercial general contracting and real estate development projects. Niki Leith, business operations manager, said it’s been a long four years since she and her husband started the company in their living room and transitioned to working on multi-million developments in Southern California. Now, the company prioritizes community benefits and community development from purchased real estate.



As the company grew, GPS tracking became imperative. Leith purchased two company vehicles that were immediately stolen. 

“That was within a week of each other,” Leith said. “They both were gone, so that was a pretty good indicator of how we needed to find solutions.”

Leith tried placing air tags on vehicles to keep track of them, but even with surface-level tracking, Leith found herself juggling purchasing more vehicles, managing more crew members, and dealing with different pieces of equipment. It soon became clear that tracking by itself was not going to be sufficient for their company’s needs.

“We needed something that was going to help us manage people out in the field as well,” Leith said.


Solution: Visibility & Thwarting Theft

With the GPS Insight tracking solution, Leith was able to keep an eye on her entire fleet. Leith has since been able to track down drivers, ask on-the-job questions, and make key decisions faster than ever. 

“We’ve had someone call in and it was really simple to track down,” she said. “Within literally ten minutes we knew what they were talking about, who they were talking about, and we were able to sit down and have a conversation. That seemed to save us a lot of time.”

With GPS Insight, Leith can avoid, “an afternoon of panic.”

“There were a few scares, like, ‘Hey, where’s the F150? It’s not where it should be parked,’ just being able to pull it up and see exactly where it is – ‘Oh, someone took it for this job, it’s at this site,’ just that peace of mind of knowing if it had been stolen, it would have been a snap to find it,” Leith said.

Additionally, speeding was substantially reduced by fleet drivers after Leith implemented the GPS Insight tracking system, since she can intervene before bad driving behaviors cause claims, incidents, or injuries.


More than a GPS Tracker

With GPS Insight, Leith knows what’s going on in the office and in the field. The GPS Insight solution helps customers use their resources wisely in regards to logistics and project management. With our software, Leith can ensure her people are where they need to be, when they need to be there. 

“It helps us stick to our schedules and it helps us communicate with our clients a lot better,” Leith said. “Just the sheer amount of reporting and the ability to customize all those reports to what we need has been a huge game-changer to me.”

Since implementing GPS Insight, Leith can keep an eye on labor – how people are spending their time, what equipment they’re using, and when they’re getting to each job. In terms of logistics and monitoring, life with GPS Insight has been a breeze.

“I went from having to spend, probably, at least two or three days a month having to just deal with our fleet and with our field crew to now – I pop in when I’m needed, then I can kind of just monitor things remotely,” Leith said.

From performance reports to maintenance scheduling, Leith knows when things need to get done, and can follow up with the field to make sure those things are happening. GPS Insight has allowed her to be proactive with her fleet on all fronts, instead of reactive to problems, snags, and blockers.

“It doesn’t waste my time,” Leith said. “It’s just an easy way to monitor your assets for your company.” 

When Hilco Development Services grew into a fleet with several vehicles and crew members, Leith shopped for a GPS tracker that would thwart theft and keep track of her vehicles. What she got proved to be much more.

“I was expecting a GPS tracker,” Leith said. “This has been insanely useful. I use it more than anyone else does, and I didn’t think it was going to be something that was so useful to me. It has definitely exceeded my expectations.”