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Bizi Transport Inc.

Installs Trailer Trackers to Prevent Theft and Monitor Location

Bizi Transport Inc.


Blackfalds, Alberta


“[Tracking trailers] allows us to put those assets elsewhere or provide cost savings for our customers. So yeah, it’s a plus.”

Ryan Brown

Business Development Executive, Bizi Transport

  • Implemented custom tailored reports for logistics data.

  • Allows them to more effectively asses delays and optimize routes.

  • Enables team to collect digital pre- and post-trip inspections.


Alberta trucking company, Bizi Transport, faced a problem all too common in their industry.

Since opening in the Fall of 2012, their business has expanded from Oil & Gas to catering to providing services for frac sand, nitrogen, LNG, flatbed, sulfur, and chemical transportation.

The only problem was, that they were growing too fast and needed help monitoring vehicles, trailers, and other assets. Their management, dispatch, and office teams work together to help specialized industries haul loads quickly and affordably, but it wasn’t enough.

Bizi Transport had to be able to track data and activity for their projects.


Safety and Maintenance Interval Tracking Concerns

“We third-party our trailers out to contractors.” Said Bizi Transport Business Development Executive, Ryan Brown. “So we have to be able to track analytics data for their activity on projects and then also know where assets are and the maintenance intervals on those assets.”

They needed to know the location and maintenance intervals to ensure the safety of their vehicles and drivers. Before switching to Titan GPS, the team at Bizi wasn’t getting the full suite of services they wanted from their telematics provider. Some of their main concerns were digital inspections, kilometer tracking, and tailored reports.


Simplicity for the Guys

When Brown was the Logistics Manager at Bizi Transport he noticed alternatives to their current system and started to investigate. When he landed on a platform that provided everything they wanted in a fleet management system, he switched to Titan GPS.

“Simplicity of platform triggered the move to Titan. The interface is user-friendly and the transition was easy,” said Brown.

Now, their teams enjoy enhanced domestic support in Canada, an easy-to-use system packed with unique features, tailored custom reports, and logistics data. Driver Scorecards allow them to prevent HiPos (or high-potential incident situations) and assist with Heath, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management. They’re also able to offer their customers peace of mind by providing real-time location data and accurate ETAs.

“Relaying true intervals to our customers and identifying equipment issues before they happen is a big plus,” Ryan mentioned.


Matching Formats and Fleet Adoption

Over 85% of the tractors and trailers owned by Bizi now have Titan GPS trackers. By equipping a huge portion of their fleet, they were able to report on those units. Regardless of whether they’re using them or they’re being rented to a third party. Custom reports enable them to mirror the internal documentation system they currently use for simple data transfer. This enabled them to easily access reports on vehicle data and prove they’re hitting KPIs on project and company levels.

“We had some ability to work with the team in Edmonton to come up with tailored reports and exportable files that we could turn into datasets for ourselves. Having an Excel format to use in our reporting helped us out with logistics reporting and KPIs.”

Cost Savings for Customers and Tracking the Fleet by the Trailers

Like other transportation companies, their crews run jobs with shared trailers. Since two power units are splitting the usage of a trailer over 24 hours, they track with the trailer. Trailer trackers allow them to monitor delays, routes, how many loads are delivered, and how many are picked up. With some of their jobs being 12-36 hours away, responsiveness is key.

“It allows us to put those assets elsewhere or provide cost savings for our customers. So yeah, it’s a plus.” Brown said about the advantages of tracking trailers.

Improved Lead Times Benefit Everyone

Now, some years later after the November 2019 switch to Titan GPS, Bizi Transport can look back at the benefits of switching.

“We use Titan GPS to extrapolate data and it helps us improve logistics on various projects.” Brown said. “the lead time is shortened. we’ll do month-long projects for instance – and because we are identifying those KPIs we have a quicker response.”

The team at Bizi Transport was so pleased with the Titan GPS platform that they’ve even suggested it to some of their partners. With their shared investment in asset tracking, having the ability to work with companies that share telematics systems makes things even easier. Ryan explained the benefits they saw from switching telematics providers and recommended Titan GPS for enhanced logistics, maintenance, and reporting.