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GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking.

Managing a fleet can be stressful and sometimes frustrating. Our Fleet Software eases your workload by providing visibility and actionable insights that drive results for your organization.

Problems it Solves:

Lack of visibility into vehicle and asset operations

High fuel, labor, and operating costs

Difficulty getting the right vehicles and assets to the right job

Unexpected maintenance issues and downtime

See how GPS tracking helped recover more than 11,000 working hours and meet their promised delivery window 99% of the time.

Driveri Smart Camera

Safe driving is a priority, and Driveri is a comprehensive, unique platform. Its AI-powered processor provides helpful, fact-based feedback that will make your drivers safer than ever before, making your organization proactive rather than reactive.

Problems it Solves:

Inability to protect drivers from false claims and not at-fault accidents

Lack of insight into how drivers operate vehicles

High insurance premiums and accident rates

Only using video footage when drivers violate policy or law

ELD Compliance

Government mandates can be challenging. With GPS Insight Compliance Management solutions, you’ll find easy-to-use ELD and DVIR products that fit your needs.

Problems it Solves:

Complying with FMCSA-mandated Hours of Service monitoring and tracking

Unexpected maintenance issues and inaccurate reporting

Drivers forced to use solutions that are not in their primary language

Drivers placed out of service for inaccurate logs

See how Driveri transformed an entire business in 48 hours!

Field Service Software
Field Service

A major focus for service businesses is finding the right technology to help them get organized, get paid, and grow their business. Field service management software is that solution to connect your office and your mobile workforce, leading to more productive employees and happier customers.

Problems it Solves:

Consistently missing or arriving late to jobs because of inefficient manual methods for scheduling and dispatching

Limited ability to communicate full job detail and associated information using paperwork orders

No way to invoice customers and process payments in the field

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