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Heavy equipment being stolen by masked thieves at night driving down the road.

What to Do if Your Trailer Gets Stolen

You’ve invested your time, money, and energy into locks for your travel trailers, but a determined thief still managed to pull one over on you – and now it’s gone. For businesses, stolen property means lost productivity, lost hours, and lost profit.

After your travel trailer, utility trailer, or RV is stolen, contact your local law enforcement and be sure to provide the vehicle’s VIN, along with any notable company sticker or logo. As the police report gets created, you can work with your insurance company to see if you’re covered. 

But one question might make or break the investigation: did your trailer have GPS tracking? 

With GPS Insight, your answer can always be “yes.” 

GPS Insight will track your trailers, trucks, and other heavy equipment so you can keep tabs on all your valuable assets. If something gets stolen, you can work with local police and have your trailer back in your yard within 15 minutes, according to John Jackson Masonry. 

“I had equipment stolen, and within 15 minutes I’m on-site to get it and have it back in our yard,” said Matt Carlson, Vice President and Safety Director for John Jackson Masonry.

But GPS trackers aren’t just for after your trailer gets stolen.

GPS Insight tracking solutions will give you new preventative measures with our real-time GPS tracking. 

Our GPS tracking devices prevent theft by setting up alerts and notifications for when a vehicle is moving where and when it shouldn’t be. Additionally, anti-theft alerts can be set up for trailers to help fleet managers identify anomalies on compatible devices. This is done through frequency settings on our dashboard, which can sense certain G-Force limits and be set to times the equipment is not in use. 

Instead of waiting for theft to occur, fleet managers can use a GPS tracker as an enhancement to their security system, getting notified while theft is in progress, or preventing theft altogether. 

There are many trailer locks and security devices you can use to keep your trailer from being stolen, such as a hitch lock, a wheel lock, or even a coupler lock or padlock. 

But trailer locks aren’t all you can do…with GPS Insight, you can prevent trailer theft and recover your stolen trailer.

When thieves find a tracker on your trailer, they’ll think twice. 

Our GPS trackers can give you peace of mind as an added security measure you can check on in real-time. You can secure your trailer and prevent thieves from taking a chance with your live tracked equipment. 

Over 85% of trackers and trailers owned by Bizi Transport in Canada are equipped with GPS Insight trackers. With the ability to report on such a large number of units, Bizi Transport was able to get real-time visibility of most of their fleet and cut unnecessary costs.

“[Tracking trailers] allows us to put those assets elsewhere or provide cost savings for our customers. So yeah, it’s a plus.” 

Bizi Transport overall improved trailer utilization and guaranteed security with undeniable location data. 

In the long run, GPS tracking from GPS Insight saved Bizi Transport time, money, and energy, ensuring they never lose productivity, hours, or profit from a stolen trailer.

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