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Best Rental Equipment Trackers for Your Fleet

GPS Insight has the best trackers for your rental equipment to streamline your fleet management.  

What’s the best way to keep track of your heavy-duty rental equipment? For Corrosion Service, the best option was GPS Insight. 

“Somebody broke into one of our job sites and happened to steal a skid steer,” said Matthew Cahill, National Health and Safety Manager for Corrosion Service. “And funnily enough, as we’re talking to the police, we’re giving them a blow-by-blow report of exactly where our skid steer is.” 

They were able to lead police directly to the stolen unit, and according to Matthew, it was “all because we had the GPS Insight system in it and were able to track it in real-time.” 

With the GPS Insight tracking system, you can take the guesswork out of tracking your heavy equipment and other assets. Our tracking solution has cut costs on tracking heavy machinery and rental equipment by resolving billing disputes stemming from inaccurate job costs. When fleet management means managing rental equipment tracking issues, GPS Insight has the asset tracking solution.

Visualize Your Rentals with Rental Tracking

Your heavy-duty business depends on the reliability and efficiency of your drivers, crews, and equipment. When there are suspected inefficiencies and unusually high operating costs, visibility needs to be at an all-time high. It can be, with our location tracking and fleet management solutions. 

Asset management can be a hassle. Replacing the same assets repeatedly or finding they’re never in the same place they were left, wondering where they end up, and how much those assets are used are easily solved with GPS asset tracking. 

Using GPS Insight tracking software, you can end billing disputes due to inaccurate job costs with equipment tracking and unauthorized use during the workday (or after hours). Equipment GPS from GPS Insight has been proven repeatedly to save money and improve bottom lines. 

Kennecott Utah Copper saved over $1 million in fuel costs over 12 months with equipment tracking devices and saved an added thousand dollars in other projects using our tools. 

Streamline Your Operation Processes

GPS Insight takes the manual processes and guesswork out of fleet management and heavy-duty equipment tracking. 

The GPS Insight dashboard on our web app allows you to manage your assets, maintain visibility of your fleet, and optimize your workflow. Real-time GPS tracking and route efficiency are key elements available for you to manage on our dashboard. 

With our mobile app, you can track your rental equipment in real-time, even when you’re away from your desk. Key features such as checking idle time, real-time location, and various notifications will all be available on both your mobile and desktop devices. 

Our all-in-one solution will also streamline your operations with work order tabs, keep track of invoicing, and present job completion updates. 

Our solutions provide construction companies with the visibility to run efficiently and help integrate all aspects of your business. Overall, you’ll reduce costs while increasing safety and revenue, like Bizi Transport Inc., who provided cost savings for their customers and improved lead times thanks to fleet tracking with GPS Insight trackers. 

Our equipment trackers aren’t just for location – construction GPS tracking also makes maintenance scheduling simple and accurate. 

Bizi Transport Inc. needed to know the location and maintenance intervals to ensure the safety of both their vehicles and drivers. With GPS Insight, they were able to keep track of maintenance schedules and preventive maintenance. Digital inspections, kilometer tracking, and tailored reports were all available to them, along with various maintenance alerts. 

But how much does rental equipment tracking cost? 

Let’s Talk Pricing

There are many overhead costs that go into running your business. GPS Insight helps you analyze these expenses in the most comprehensive way to ensure your business is not paying a dollar more than you should on unnecessary costs to keep your construction equipment and equipment assets running your operation. 

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