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Heavy equipment being stolen by masked thieves at night driving down the road.

Demolishing Heavy Equipment Theft

Prevent heavy equipment theft with anti-theft devices by using the top GPS tracking and dash cam solutions at GPS Insight.  

Shortly after implementing GPS Insight, Culy Contracting recovered stolen construction equipment worth $350,000 and dramatically cut operational costs and man-hours.  

Suspected inefficiencies and unusually high operating costs aren’t the only obstacles for construction businesses – there’s also theft, which runs rampant during the holiday season. GPS Insight provides businesses with reliability, efficiency, and security for their drivers, technicians, and assets. 

Knowing your heavy-duty equipment location in real-time is key to theft prevention. 

With GPS Insight products and services, businesses have seen an extension in vehicle and heavy equipment lifecycles, an increase in safety, an improvement in billing accuracy, more efficient dispatching, and – most importantly of all – faster recovery of stolen assets. 

It’s not just customer success stories that drive GPS Insight fleet tracking solutions to the top – it’s our cost-saving services and various awards won in the past decade. GPS Insight has won several M2M Evolution and Top Product awards. 

Recently, GPS Insight won awards specifically in the construction and business industries for its tracking solutions. We’ve won the 11th Annual Compass Intelligence Award for IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year for 2023, along with the 2023 BIG Innovation Award.  

Our GPS tracking system can track stolen items and other assets, while our GPS dash cams and AI cameras have also been used to see the culprits. Instead of waiting for your company to get hit with theft, use a top GPS tracking solution to keep a hold on your assets. 

How It Works

Our GPS tracking devices prevent theft by setting up alerts and notifications for when a vehicle is moving where and when it shouldn’t be. Our GPS tracking devices can also track down the history of where heavy equipment has been. 

Additionally, anti-theft alerts can be set up for vehicles and heavy equipment to help fleet managers identify anomalies on compatible devices. This is done through frequency settings on our dashboard, which can sense certain G-Force limits and be set to times the equipment is not in use. This allows fleet managers to be aware of what is happening to the vehicle in cases of theft. 

Cameras facing the interior or exterior of the equipment are used as evidence in cases of theft, with footage available directly to you, in real-time. Cameras can also be set up to alert dispatchers via our app or desktop dashboard of any irregular movement. 

When thieves sees a camera or find a tracker on your heavy duty equipment, they’ll think twice.

Don’t Wait for Theft

Right before John Jackson Masonry implemented the GPS Insight tracking solution, a $30,000 forklift was stolen from their warehouse.  

“That was when I made the case for having GPS,” said Matt Carlson, Vice President and Safety Director. “We might have been able to recover that forklift if we would have had a GPS.” 

Request a quote and a demo of our latest GPS tracking solutions and products before theft comes to your door. We have pricing tailored to our customer’s business needs. 

At GPS Insight, our real-time GPS tracking can prevent equipment theft by sharing location data in real-time, making sure your assets stay at your job site. 

Learn more about how GPS Insight products can streamline your workforce and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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