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Samsara vs Verizon Connect vs GPS Insight: What’s the top Fleet Management Solution?

Between the top three players in the fleet management industry, how do you know who to go with? We think we know the answer!

If you’re comparing Samsara and Verizon, chances are, you’re looking for a fleet management system that addresses security, efficiency, and stellar customer service. 

You’re probably looking for a solution because you’ve had issues with payroll padding, false claims against drivers, or MIA customer service. Sometimes it seems impossible to solve all these issues at once, but we think we have your answer.

Here’s how the options stack up: 

  1. GPS Insight 
  2. Samsara 
  3. Verizon Connect 

This ranking is based on pricing and cost-effectiveness, functionality, customer satisfaction, and quality of service. 

Blog Samsara vs Verizon Connect vs GPS Insight GPSI

GPS Insight 

At GPS Insight, we understand that no two fleet operations are the same and are here to solve your problems – whether you’re a small business, mid-market, or enterprise-level company. 

Our asset tracking systems supply solutions to all fleet-related challenges, such as visibility, verifying payroll, driver accountability, and policy enforcement. Understanding how your fleet is running is an imperative necessity to supporting accountability, safety, and efficiency. 

GPS Insight’s motive is to get you to these goals. 

Thanks to GPS Insight’s mapping, real-time GPS tracking, and history data collected, Tacoma Public Utilities knew when a truck had been stolen, driven to a hospital, and then parked at a residence. They easily tracked the vehicle’s location and turned over all their information to the police. 

Thanks to real-time GPS, our tracking system makes everything visible at a moment’s notice, allowing you to see which of your techs are available for the next job. Increasing fleet visibility helps you keep track of overtime in real time, control fuel costs, and eliminate unauthorized use. 

GPS Insight’s fleet tracking system practically pays for itself. When you reduce your monthly fuel, repair, and insurance bills, you easily regain the dollars spent. Our tracking solution cuts costs across your bottom line. 

That’s not all – GPS Insight’s Driveri artificial intelligence cameras put an end to companies spending time tracking vehicles and chasing false claims against their drivers.

Footage can be sent to insurance companies with ease, saving thousands of dollars in claims each year. Most importantly, you can keep your drivers safe. 

The AI cameras can detect several behaviors using machine learning. From DriverStar-level events such as safe driving, and stopping for stop signs, to Severe-level events such as distracted driving and potential accident, GPS Insight’s dash cams will be your reliable witness. 

When a Strait & Lamp driver was accused of hitting a garage door, GPS Insight dash cam footage showed that the garage door was already open when the driver arrived for the job. 

Whether you’re in the field or in an office, GPS Insight’s field service management tools are known to streamline productivity and efficiency.

Our simplified FSM software will help you get the most out of your team in the shortest amount of time possible. Our system can streamline your operations with automated manual processes, improving first-time-fix rates, and ultimately taking the chaos out of your tech’s day. 

You can ensure your company never gets buried in paperwork again with the seamless features available with our software. From work-orders to GPS tracking to personalized invoicing. 

After doing away with out-of-date, manual processing systems, Critter Control technicians were able to use a mobile app to cut down on paperwork, from creating work orders to taking payments. 

GPS Insight can streamline fuel management, route optimization, fleet maintenance schedules, and individual vehicle maintenance, all packaged in our user-friendly mobile app. 


  • Flexible packages with various price points to meet customer needs
  • Multiple hardware and installation options
  • Month-to-month pricing options
  • Free trial and demos available
  • Easy-To-Use mobile app
  • Highly rated customer support 


  • Some camera/tracking updates may be a bit slow

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Ensure Your Vehicles are driven safely, and only when necessary.

Reduce fuel expenses, unnecessary travel, and idle time while you improve ETAs, maintenance, and savings.

Control your vehicle costs today.

Blog Samsara vs Verizon Connect vs GPS Insight VC

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is considered one of the best overall options for fleet management in the industry thanks to its many flexible features and Verizon product integrations. But like everything else, they aren’t the best choice for everyone. 


  • Flexible packages based on fleet size and features needed 
  • Multiple hardware options, including plug-in and hardwired  
  • FMCSA-compliant ELD software  
  • Many Verizon product integrations 
  • International coverage and 24/7 phone support 
  • Free Demo 


  • Initial standard contract length is 3-years  
  • No free installation 
  • Higher prices for similar services 

Reviewers rated GPS Insight higher than Verizon Connect on robust analytic services and said that they felt GPS Insight was the preferred option when comparing ongoing product support quality. 

“Customer service [at Verizon Connect] something to be desired … departments do not communicate well with one another, and it takes forever for someone to call you back.”

Blog Samsara vs Verizon Connect vs GPS Insight SAM


Historically, Samsara has been better for larger businesses with a bigger budget. This is because smaller businesses struggle to keep up with their contracts, which don’t offer month-to-month options. But their tools are known for optimizing routes and supplying strong vehicle tracking. 


  • All-in-one platform for assets, driver, site, and equipment management 
  • Offers safety-only licenses 
  • FMCSA-approved ELD solution and DVIR & IFTA-compliant 
  • Customizable driver management tools  
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Free 30-Day Trial 


  • Doesn’t offer month-to-month software licenses 
  • Considered more expensive in up-front costs 
  • 3-year minimum contracts 

When surveyed by G2, reviewers said they felt that GPS Insight better met the needs of their business when compared to Samsara. They also said that GPS Insight was easier to administer and better at meeting company requirements. 

“Samsara is such a value additive software, that it dampens my frustration with the many bugs and problems evident in rushed development and poor testing for certain features.”


GPS Insight is considered more affordable than either of its competitors and is the only one with no-contract options, allowing us to tailor our services to your needs. Our GPS Insight Basic tracking package starts at about $14.95, jumping to $39.95 when you bundle our GPS tracking with our Driveri AI camera for a standard contract of 5 years. 

Comparatively, Samsara’s monthly fees add up to $30 per unit on its lowest end, and package costs are within a range of $27 – $44 per month. Samsara does have its benefits: They are considered a good option for larger fleets thanks to its driver and vehicle management features. However, Samsara is not known for cost-efficient pricing, particularly for mid-sized to small fleets. 

Verizon Connect, on the other hand, charges as low as $23.50 per vehicle per month for its packages, all of which require a minimum of 3-year contract (as does Samsara).

Still Not Convinced?

It’s no secret that Samsara, Verizon Connect, and GPS Insight are the top players in the fleet management software and telematics industry, but what makes them the best? And who’s number one? 

When you get right down to it, the key features that puts GPS Insight at number one is our commitment to addressing your pains and supplying solutions to your biggest problems. For the best GPS tracking software and fleet management solutions (which follow ELD compliance), look no further than GPS Insight. 

For more information, check out this comparison guide for some answers to top FAQ’s.

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