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Critter Control

Added to their service offering with GPS Insight

Critter Control

Pest Control

Marietta, Georgia


“Our ability to grow has increased without having to add more staff. The application is working exactly the way we ever dreamed it would.”

Joe Felegi
President Critter Control


  • Mobile app capabilities eliminated field workers’ need for multiple daily office visits

  • Real-time sync between the field and the office reduced time spent on end-of-day data entry

  • Customer portals allowed customers to see into pricing and proof of service

  • Lead-to-sale ratio improved


Since 1983, Critter Control has resolved wildlife and pest issues for customers ranging from homeowners to industrial and commercial businesses, property management companies, and municipalities.

Business Challenge

Critter Control’s process for delivering new work orders required field workers to make visits to the office at the beginning and end of each workday.

New work orders that came in during the day needed to be called in, burdening workers with additional paperwork and office calls. Subsequently, paperwork processing at the office peaked at the end of the day and required extended hours.

Field workers also lacked the capability to capture job photos and communicate finished job information to customers.

The Solution

Through using GPS Insight field service management software, Critter Control looked to improve upon three main areas:

  • Transitioning off of paper and into automated systems that free up time for both office staff and technicians

  • Streamlining field workers’ start-to-finish processes when at job sites

  • Providing customers with complete documentation for their jobs

The Results

The experience for Critter Control’s staff, both in the office and
in the field, was transformed by adding field service software. Technicians are now using the app to create and receive new estimates and work orders, capture before and after photos, collect customer signatures, and take payments upon job completion. A real-time synch from their mobile devices to the web-based application in the office eliminated the need for time consuming data entry at the end of each day.

The customer experience has also improved as a result of Critter Control’s use of the software. The platform’s customer portals build trust through transparency and make a strong professional impression.

“They have increased our lead-to-sale ratio, as we are now able to show the customer photographs of the damage we find during the inspection on their homes,” reported Critter Control of Houston.

“Customers better understand our pricing and requirements for the work to be completed. This has been and continues to be a great selling tool and is great for increasing our reputation as an honest and transparent company.”