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Samsara vs Motive vs GPS Insight:

Who best serves small businesses and mid-market level companies?

Regardless of the size of your business, GPS Insight has solutions custom fit for your needs – something neither Samsara nor Motive promise. 

If you’re comparing Samsara vs Motive, you’re more than likely looking for a fleet management system that is innovative, dependable, and custom fit to your needs.   

Samsara is a great fleet management solution for large fleets and is a heavy hitter in the enterprise telematics industry. But if you’re looking for a simple solution for your fleet challenges, Samsara might not be the one for you.  

Motive is a better option for small businesses and touts an all-in-one system for your tracking needs. But there’s one alternative you haven’t considered yet: GPS Insight.  

Not only does GPS Insight cater to fleets of all sizes with our tracking solutions, but we offer several options and custom packages for your specific needs – all in one system.  

When it comes to Samsara vs Motive vs GPS Insight, here’s how your options stack up:  

    1. GPS Insight 
    2. Samsara
    3. Motive  

This ranking is based on pricing, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. Keep reading to learn more about all three options for your fleet.

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1. GPS Insight

From enterprise to small business, the GPS Insight fleet management system gives you the most out of telematics – from vehicle tracking to dash cams, our fleet management solution can improve your overall fleet operations. There’s a lot that goes into asset tracking, regardless of fleet size – that’s why GPS Insight has you covered in all aspects for a reasonable price.  

And we don’t stop at vehicle tracking and dash cams.  

Our fleet management tools aid fleet operators in managing their drivers, assets, and workflows for day-to-day tasks. Optimizing job routes, cutting fuel costs, and improving maintenance scheduling are only part of everything GPS Insight has to offer for your fleet of vehicles.

Dash cams 

Driveri Camera and Tablet

A dash cam can mean the difference between innocent or guilty for many drivers in the middle of an accident claim. With GPS Insight Driveri or Drive360 dash cams, you can protect your employees by accessing crystal-clear footage of their trips on the road. With real-time incident detection and automated reporting, dash cams are improving driver safety and reducing costs for fleets across the nation.  

Our dash cams can show you various diagnostics on driver performance and driver behavior, contributing to the optimization of your operation. With GPS Insight dash cams, you can store footage on either an SD card or a cloud-based system, making sure your drivers never fall victim to a false claim again.  

“Our delivery truck was rear-ended by a semi doing about 60 mph when our truck was at a complete stop,” said Jeff Vogele, technical manager at Pacific Office Automation. “The cameras showed that our driver was attentive and able to stop his truck swiftly and safely a car length away from the car in front. This saved our legal team a whole lot of time.”  

Route & Use Optimization 

GPS Vehicle Tracking Alerts I1

GPS Insight doesn’t just fix one issue – we handle all your problems in our all-in-one system. Our fleet management tools will ensure you know where your vehicles are at all times, allowing you to better plan your routes. With established geo-fencing and improved ETAs, GPS Insight will make sure your time is used wisely in the field.  

Assets and heavy equipment won’t be left idling when they can be working, and labor hours will be accurately reported.  

“We have saved over one million dollars in fuel costs alone in the last 12 months, and we have saved thousands of dollars in other projects using the GPS Insight toolset,” said Kenny Harvey, Mobile Maintenance Planner for Kennecott Utah Copper.  


GPS Vehicle Tracking Alerts I2

Proactive vehicle maintenance makes for better vehicles, and better vehicles make for fewer unnecessary expenses. The GPS Insight tracking solution includes maintenance scheduling integrations so fleet managers can keep track of maintenance scheduling with reminder alerts.  

By keeping track of your vehicle inspections and staying on top of fleet maintenance management, you never have to worry about the unexpected with our system. The GPS Insight mobile app even allows you to keep track of work orders, driver locations, and more.  

“GPS Insight developed a customized report that was exactly what we needed, with all the information we needed,” said Kris Knowles, maintenance manager at Cedar Management.


2. Samsara

Samsara claims to lead Motive in marketing-leading reliability, support, and usability. Typically, Samsara is the right choice for larger, enterprise-level fleets. Samsara has several features attached to their products and services which help those large fleet managers. However, removing the bells and whistles isn’t an option, as plans and packages are not customizable. So, if you have a smaller fleet, Samsara’s 3-year contract minimum might not be for you.   

When surveyed by G2, reviewers said they felt that GPS Insight better met the needs of their business when compared to Samsara. They also said that GPS Insight was easier to administer and better at meeting company requirements.  

“Samsara is such a value-additive software, that it dampens my frustration with the many bugs and problems evident in rushed development and poor testing for certain features,” said one reviewer.

3. Motive

Motive, which was previously KeepTruckin, is a vehicle, expense, and project tracking platform. They’re known for their ease-of-use and friendly customer service, and they are a good possibility for fleets of all sizes in the trucking, construction, and field service industries.  

Unlike Samsara, Motive works well with small businesses, as well as mid-market-sized fleets. However, some customers critiqued the provider for technical difficulties with generating reports, dashcam issues, and slow updates.  

When Sam Leow at Alten Construction was looking for a provider, dependability was paramount. “Everything works every time you turn it on,” Leow said. “Everything’s there when you want it, and it’s easy to get to the reports you need.”

Samsara vs Motive Lawsuit

Samsara and Motive are currently in a legal battle over their AI technology and fleet management solutions.  

Samsara’s lawsuit from January accuses Motive Technologies Inc. of patent infringement. Representatives from Samsara claim Motive employees stole Samsara’s intellectual property by using fake accounts for use in Motive’s products. 

Last month, Motive Technologies counter-sued Samsara Inc., alleging that the fleet-management giant had stolen Motive-patented technology for Samsara’s products and solutions, including the AI dashcam.

Let’s Talk Pricing

GPS Insight is most recognized for its cost-effectiveness compared to its competitors, and uniquely offers no-contract options, enabling customization of services to suit your requirements.   

We’re not all about profitability – we’re focused on YOUR needs.   

Our GPS Insight Basic tracking package starting price sits at approximately $14.95, with an added charge of $39.95 when you combine GPS tracking with our Driveri AI camera under a standard 5-year contract. Whether you have a large or small fleet, our package offers are tailored to what you need when you call us.  

In comparison, Samsara’s monthly fees add up to $30 per unit on the low end, with packages costing as much as $44 per month. Keep in mind, these packages come with several mandatory features attached. While Samsara is a good choice for larger fleets looking for several driver and vehicle features, smaller fleets might have a tough time maintaining a cost-effective budget.  

Meanwhile, Motive offers a 14-day free trial and demo for its products and services with its ELD starter plan including a $25 monthly fee and $150 fixed cost for a minimum 12-month contract. 

Still Haven’t Decided?

When you get right down to it, GPS Insight is the most committed to addressing your pains and supplying solutions to your biggest problems. For the best GPS tracking software and fleet management solutions (which follow ELD compliance), look no further than GPS Insight.   

Our all-in-one software solution can overall improve operation workflows, route optimization, and more with customizable dashboards and 24/7 customer support. Compared to other providers, our solution is renowned for its ease of use and its high functionality. 

Still need help deciding? Give us a call. 

866-925-4585 (Press 4). 

For more information, check out this comparison guide for some answers to the top FAQs.

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