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Insurance adjuster surrounded by vehicles taking a photo with a tablet of damage on one of the vehicles.

How to prevent false claims against your fleet drivers.

Stop paying for accidents that weren’t your fault, with GPS Insight solutions. 

Every time you have to answer to false claims against your fleet drivers, you lose money. 

Fleet managers across the telematics industry can relate to the struggle. False claims against fleets can cost thousands, or even millions of dollars. In the fleet industry, working with providers who prioritize fleet safety will protect your fleet operations. Any insurance company is more likely to lower your insurance costs and premiums if they know you have GPS tracking and dash cams. GPS Insight can give you real-time data and video footage with our GPS tracking solution and dash cam system. 

Vehicles from a commercial fleet are particularly at risk for insurance fraud, skyrocketing your insurance premiums and overall operational costs. Without any preventive measures, fraud becomes nearly impossible, and you find yourself having to pay for an accident when your driver wasn’t at fault. 

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Ensure Your Vehicles are driven safely, and only when necessary.

Reduce fuel expenses, unnecessary travel, and idle time while you improve ETAs, maintenance, and savings.

Control your vehicle costs today.

So, what can you do?  

Our fleet insurance partners work with our clients to ensure their telematics data impacts, and often improves, their insurance premium costs. 

The GPS Insight and Amerisure partnership, for example, has resulted in a 30% reduction in claims from clients over a two-year safety study. Out of 26 Amerisure clients with GPS Insight services (which equaled 1,800 vehicles):  

      • 23% saw a reduction in unsafe driving incidents  
      • 22% saw a reduction in posted speeding events  
      • 30% saw a reduction in fixed speed events  
      • 20% saw a reduction in hard braking events  
      • 22% saw a reduction in acceleration events

Clients who saw improved driving behavior were better able to arm themselves against fraud. 

Did you know there are different types of fraud?  

Hard Fraud is property is purposely destroyed so that a claim can be made. The goal of hard fraud is to scam insurance companies out of money for a claim when the property wasn’t in a legitimate accident. This would include a staged accident, or purposeful reckless driving.  

Soft Fraud is when scammers make false claims to insurance companies without any damaged property or exaggerate insurance claims to make the incident seem worse than it actually was, hoping for more money. 

Whether you’re a victim of hard fraud or soft fraud, one thing is for sure: You’ll be out of money. Here’s how to prevent false claims against your fleet drivers: dash cams. 

Once you send that footage to your insurance company, you can rest easy knowing your company won’t be at fault for an accident your driver didn’t cause, and you won’t be a victim of fraudulent activity or fraudulent claims. 

With GPS Insight, Driveri and Drive360 dash cams ensure you’re never defenseless against false fleet claims again. GPS Insight Driveri dash cams using artificial intelligence can monitor your drivers’ behavior, create tailored coaching alerts, and record and store video footage of accidents. 

Drivers who present red flags in their driving behavior can score green stars with our Greenzone scoring system, and any suspicious activity from other vehicles will be caught on camera.

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