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Top Samsara Competitors

Before you commit to Samsara, check out the top Samsara alternatives for fleet management solutions.

Samsara is a great fleet management solution for large fleets and is a heavy hitter in the telematics industry. But if you’re looking at Samsara competitors, our guess is your needs don’t exactly align with Samsara’s pricing and features.  

If you’re looking for a simple solution for your fleet challenges, Samsara might not be the one for you. But don’t worry – there are plenty of options out there that won’t charge you for features you don’t want.  

Samsara’s top competitors include:  

    1. GPS Insight 
    2. Verizon Connect 
    3. Lytx  
    4. Motive 
    5. Azuga 

Read on to see the pros and cons of each Samsara competitor and make an informed decision on what solution might be best for your fleet (*cough*, GPS Insight, *cough*).

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1. GPS Insight

GPS Insight is one provider that can check all your boxes on all your checklists with one system. From enterprise to small business, our fleet management system gives you the most out of telematics – from fleet maintenance to fleet tracking, our fleet management solution can improve your overall fleet operations. There’s a lot that goes into asset tracking and invoicing, regardless of fleet size – that’s why GPS Insight has you covered in all aspects for a reasonable price. 

We don’t stop at vehicle tracking. Our fleet management tools can aid fleet operators in managing their drivers, assets, and workflows for day-to-day tasks. Route optimization, driver management, cutting fuel costs, and improving maintenance scheduling are only part of everything GPS Insight has to offer for your fleet of vehicles. 

Route & Use Optimization 

GPS Vehicle Tracking Alerts I1GPS Insight doesn’t solve just one problem: we tackle all your challenges at once. Our field service management solution lets you track, automate, and optimize your operation to deliver high-impact results. From tracking vehicle location in real-time, to improving your route planning with geofencing, our solution will streamline your day-to-day metrics so that you can ensure your hours of service are contributing to your bottom line. 

Your heavy-duty equipment will never be left idling when it could be performing, and your workers will never misrepresent their downtime or working hours again. 

“I’ll go through the dashboard when somebody has a certain piece of equipment and see who else has one, and I’ll do a run time report on that piece to see if they’ve been using it for the past week or ten days or so,” said Sam Leow, Shop Manager at Alten Construction. “If equipment is not being used, I’ll take it and put it someplace where it can be used instead of sitting.” 

Dash cams 

Driveri Camera and TabletA dash cam can mean the difference between innocent or guilty for many drivers. With GPS Insight Driveri or Drive360 dash cams, you can protect your employees by accessing crystal-clear footage of their trips on the road. With real-time incident detection, the ability to figure out who’s at fault, and automated reporting, dash cams are improving driver safety and reducing costs. 

Our dash cams can show you various diagnostics on driver performance and driver behavior, contributing to the optimization of your operation. With GPS Insight dash cams, you can store footage on either an SD card or a cloud-based system, making sure your guys never fall victim to a false claim again – and we’re offering them for FREE when you sign a 3-year contract. 

“Our delivery truck was rear-ended by a semi doing about 60 mph when our truck was at a complete stop,” said Jeff Vogele, technical manager at Pacific Office Automation. “The cameras showed that our driver was attentive and able to stop his truck swiftly and safely a car length away from the car in front. This saved our legal team a whole lot of time,” he said. 

Fuel Management 

GPS Vehicle Tracking Reports I2 e1709662439992You can have peace of mind knowing fuel cards are being used efficiently, while your overall fuel costs go down. Improve your fuel management with our solution – which will track idling vehicles and equipment. Decreasing fuel consumption, and decreasing overall operational costs, is as easy as checking your phone with our whole-system solution. 

“Our average miles per gallon (MPG) have increased 12% over the prior year, which I would attribute to decreased idling,” said Bob Sanford, president of Sanford & Hawley. 


GPS Vehicle Tracking Alerts I2Did you know that GPS tracking is the key to preventive maintenance? Better vehicle maintenance makes for better vehicles, and better vehicles make for fewer unnecessary expenses. Our tracking solution includes a maintenance scheduling module that allows fleet managers to keep track of maintenance scheduling with alerts for maintenance reminders. 

GPS Insight is your foot in the door to optimized vehicle management. By keeping track of your vehicle inspections and staying on top of fleet maintenance management with our tracking system, you never have to worry about unexpected maintenance costs. Our mobile app allows you to keep track of work orders, driver locations, maintenance schedules, and more. 

“GPS Insight developed a customized report that was exactly what we needed, with all the information we needed,” said Kris Knowles, maintenance manager at Cedar Management. 

2. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect stands out as a top choice for fleet management within the industry due to its plethora of adaptable features and seamless integration with Verizon products. It’s known for saving time with a user-friendly interface available on its mobile app, and its vehicle tracking solution has solved challenges for many of its customers. However, as with any solution, it’s not always the best choice for everyone. 


  • Flexible packages based on fleet size and features needed 
  • Multiple hardware options, including plug-in and hardwired 
  • FMCSA-compliant ELD software 


  • Initial standard contract length is 3-years 
  • No free installation 
  • Higher prices for similar services 

Reviewers from G2 said Verizon Connect’s interface tends to be slow and has technical issues. On top of that, many customers say the service is expensive for what it provides. 

Reviewers gave GPS Insight a higher rating than Verizon Connect for its comprehensive analytic services, describing GPS Insight as their preferred choice when assessing the ongoing quality of product support. 

“Poor customer service is an understatement,” one online reviewer said. “This company will lock you into a long-term auto-renewing contract. Don’t be fooled, do your homework and choose a company with good reviews for your GPS tracking/fleet managing needs. Also overpriced.”

3. Lytx

Lytx is touted on G2 and Capterra by customer reviewers for their easy-to-use tracking technology. Lytx offers their customers live driver tracking, fleet management, risk management, and maintenance management. Additionally, they create incident reports that are easily accessible. 

However, Lytx has also been cited by customer reviewers for their unsatisfactory customer service and long wait times for solutions to customer problems. 

At GPS Insight, we guarantee timely and supportive customer service. One GPS Insight customer reported having her billing issue resolved within ten minutes. 

“I got someone on the phone within five minutes and they had me sorted within another five,” they said. “So, the only issue I’ve run into was resolved within ten minutes, which was great.”

4. Motive

Motive, formally KeepTruckin, is a vehicle, expense, and project tracking platform. They’re known for their ease-of-use and friendly customer service, and a good option for fleets of all sizes in the trucking, construction, and field service industries.  

G2 Motive reviewers complimented the fleet management software for being user-friendly and having lots of information available to the user. Whether the customer had a small trucking fleet or a large multi-faceted fleet, they were able to get to the reports needed quickly and efficiently. 

However, these same reviewers described consistent ELD technical issues and unsatisfactory customer support. 

As Culy Contracting researched ELD compliant solutions, they ultimately chose GPS Insight because of their easy-to-use ELD system and partnership with Amerisure Insurance, their insurance provider. 

“Knowing what [service] is coming up and what’s due has helped out tremendously.” said Stephen Hinkle, fleet manager at Culy Contracting. “The service manager isn’t waiting for the drivers to come in anymore.” 

5. Azuga

Azuga touts its 4-star ease-of-use features, customer services, and overall monetary value. Many customers agree that it’s an overall great solution for low operation costs. Azuga’s vehicle tracking has received stellar reviews from customers, according to G2 and Capterra. Reviewers said Azuga’s interface is user-friendly, saves time throughout the workday, and is available on a mobile app. They also said the customer service available through Azuga is helpful and supportive. 

At the same time, reviews bring up repeated issues including slowness and technical issues with Azuga’s interface and dashboard. 

In contrast, GPS Insight customers describe efficient and dependable experiences with products that they use regularly. 

“Everything works every time you turn it on, everything’s there where you want it,” said Sam Leow, shop manager at Alten Construction. “It’s easy to get the reports you need.”

Let’s Talk Pricing

GPS Insight is recognized for its cost-effectiveness compared to its competitors, and uniquely offers no-contract options, enabling customization of services to suit your requirements. We’re not all about profitability – we’re focused on YOUR needs. Our GPS Insight Basic tracking package starting price sits at approximately $14.95, with an added charge of $39.95 when you combine GPS tracking with our Driveri AI camera under a standard 5-year contract. Whether you have a large or small fleet, our package offers are tailored to your needs. 

In comparison, Samsara’s monthly fees add up to $30 per unit on the low end, with packages costing as much as $44 per month. While Samsara is a good option for larger fleets looking for several driver and vehicle features, smaller fleets might have a tough time maintaining a cost-effective budget. 

Meanwhile, Verizon Connect offers packages starting at $23.50 per vehicle per month, all of which mandate a minimum 3-year contract. Lytx does not offer free trials and has a number of pricing options based on fleet needs. Motive offers a 14-day free trial and demo for its products and services with its ELD starter plan including a $25 monthly fee and $150 fixed cost. Azuga has three pricing packages, ranging from $25.00 – $35.00 per month per vehicle, with each package having different features. They also have a 3-year contract.

Still Haven’t Decided?

The GPS Insight fleet management software can do more than track vehicle locations. You can automate specific notifications to your dashboard and message team members within your network. The dashboard is accessible via mobile app on Android and iPhone, or on desktop. 

Our all-in-one software solution can overall improve operation workflows, route optimization, and more with customizable dashboards and 24/7 customer support. Compared to other providers, our solution is renowned for its ease of use and its high functionality.  

When you get right down to it, the key features that put GPS Insight at number one is our commitment to addressing your pains and supplying solutions to your biggest problems. For the best GPS tracking software solutions, , look no further than GPS Insight for your fleet operations. 

For more information, check out this comparison guide for some answers to the top FAQs.

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