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Driver inside vehicle driving on highway with a dash camera and a monitor showing multiple views from cameras inside and outside vehicle.

Let’s get visible:
Driveri Hub-X improves monitoring and safety with a 360-view

Fleets have been using GPS Insight solutions to monitor vehicles and assets for years, and now it’s even easier to get a complete picture. We’re excited to announce Driveri Hub-X, which lets drivers get a 360-degree view of their vehicles, both inside and out.

Driveri Hub-X, an accessory to the Driveri safety camera, drastically reduces your fleet’s blind spots and takes the effectiveness of your safety camera program to a whole new level. Typical deployments include buses, tractor/trailers, box trucks, garbage trucks, and other larger vehicles where added visibility can provide greater context.


The latest statistics show that 7.3 million motor vehicle accidents happen every year, which translates to 19,937 crashes every day. Due to the frequency, it makes sense for fleets to be as prepared as possible.

With Driveri Hub-X, fleets can safely and securely view the entire vehicle for the full driving day, getting views from both the inside and outside. This improved visibility means drivers are protected from every direction. If an incident occurs, this solves the challenge of capturing a full view of the vehicle or asset to determine exactly what happened.

Accidents aren’t the only reason fleets are looking for increased visibility. Often, operations rely on critical information to solve customer disputes, billing discrepancies, or maintain efficiencies. Driveri Hub-X can bring instant awareness and confirmation of situations that aren’t always clear. For instance, public waste fleets use Hub-X to view tipping events and monitor the collection of trash in the cab, while public transit fleets use the visibility Hub-X creates to monitor passenger location and safety around the bus.

Camera location benefits

Possible camera deployments can include:

  • Left and right-side cameras: This orientation is great for fleets with long trailers, where wide turns can introduce potential safety or material damage concerns.
  • Rear-facing camera: This camera orientation can be a benefit for fleets where drivers have minimal (or completely hindered) views of the rear of the vehicle when they are reversing.
  • Internal camera: This type of camera can be used in various situations, like in the patient compartment of an ambulance or the storage cab of a delivery truck, to gain additional visibility into the actions taking place inside the vehicle.

As an added benefit to the Driveri Hub-X, fleets are able to use in-cab monitors that can be installed in the cab allowing drivers to see the respective camera feeds in real-time. This can be a critical component to a deployment, allowing drivers to see if there is imminent danger to people or property when moving.

Driveri Hub-X features include:

  • Support of up to four additional external cameras
  • Cameras can be installed on the exterior or interior of vehicles, such as in a storage compartment
  • The ability to connect Hub wirelessly to Driveri cameras
  • All video events record and display all additional camera footage, including driver-initiated events
  • Access camera views in real-time or historically
  • In-cab monitor connectivity for real-time driver view

Once the Driveri Hub-X is deployed, users can see video feeds within every Driveri event-generated video, along with manual requests, allowing fleets to capture the full view of their vehicle or asset. As a result, users can take action when needed.

Consider these examples:


Watching from the front camera, it’s not clear anything occurred. But with the additional view of the auxiliary camera, the other vehicle’s wrongdoing is obvious.

The auxiliary video captures the erratic driver’s approach, crash, and aftermath, giving a full view of the incident’s guilty and innocent parties.

Full view with Driveri Hub-X

GPS Insight smart dash cams in general changed the way fleets could monitor driver behaviors on the road, and Driveri Hub-X increases the value of our technology by giving a more complete view. Not only are drivers better protected, but organizations improve as a whole. Whether you’re an experienced user or you’re just getting started, it’s easier to do your job when you have a complete, 360-degree view of your work environment.

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