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VPNE Parking Solutions

VPNE Parking Solutions uses GPS Insight Driveri dash cameras to save money on insurance, help coach drivers, and protect them from false accusations.

VPNE Parking Solutions

Parking Management

Boston, MA



VPNE designs custom parking garage and lot management solutions that deliver an exceptional return for their clients. VPNE evaluates fixed parking assets and turns them in to revenue-generating machines. With over 500M+ of operational assets under management, VPNE has the experience needed to help businesses capitalize on revenue opportunities, regardless of the economy or business cycle.


VPNE operates approximately 110 multi-passenger vehicles in four different states. They were having a problem with their GPS provider, because they weren’t getting the customer service or benefits they needed. They needed a reliable solution that would allow them to coach drivers, protect drivers, and help them save on costs.


VPNE Parking Solutions chose GPS Insight for a variety of reasons that met their business needs, including price, camera quality, saving opportunities, and safety benefits.

GPS Insight offers pricing options to fit the need of every business, and each plan includes essential features.
“Price was better than the other company—number one,” said Bill M., Director of Operations at VPNE Solutions.

A high-quality dash cam is used to provide clear footage of an accident, plus help drivers be more aware of their surroundings, and ultimately drive more safely. VPNE Solutions also selected GPS Insight due to the AI and dash camera quality.

“The AI and dash cameras were much better than the other company we were using as well,” Bill M. said. “The platform…that’s kind of how I sold it.”

Another way GPS Insight helped VPNE Solutions was to reduce costs. Not only were they able to save on upfront costs like insurance deductibles, but they also were able to protect drivers from false accusations.

“We’re definitely saving insurance-wise,” Bill M. said. “We’re saving with deductibles when…we have an accident that’s absolutely not our fault. Usually, we’re able to justify it through video. That makes such a difference for savings like that.”

GPS Insight helped VPNE Solutions to protect their drivers and prevent unwarranted claims against them, which is a benefit to their staff.

“When there’s a major incident, accident, or we get a complaint, we’re able to research and either justify the complaint or completely overturn it and say somebody’s not being completely honest with you,” Bill M. said. “They are benefiting in the long run.”

GPS Insight also helped VPNE Solutions coach their drivers. They used the cameras to inform drivers of issues and train them to become more aware.

“I’ve been involved with dash cameras for a long time, and I realized that they sit there, and they don’t make any noise, and they don’t blink, and they don’t wink at you, and they don’t do anything…so that drivers become complacent.,” said Bill M. “We are informing them when there are issues, and we’re coaching them, and hopefully it’s making them better, more conscious, and more aware drivers.”

Overall, GPS Insight provides VPNE Solutions with an added layer of protection and accountability that improves safety and reduces costs.

“We’re benefiting by being more alert, aware, and safer…I really like the product,” he said.