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Sanford & Hawley

Unexpected return on investment by solving business challenges

Sanford & Hawley, Inc.


Farmington, CT


“Our average miles per gallon (MPG) has increased 12% over the prior year, which I would attribute to decreased idling.”

Bob Sanford
President Sanford & Hawley


  • Significant reduction of fuel usage.

  • Average miles per gallon increased 12% from previous year.

  • Experienced Immediate ROI after theft recovery.


Sanford & Hawley, Inc. provides lumber and building supplies in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Safety Concerns
Sanford & Hawley’s primary concern was improving driver and public safety. They needed a way to communicate with drivers without distracting them with phone calls while they were out on deliveries. They also needed a safer way of providing directions to drivers. They knew it wasn’t safe having them read printed maps or directions, taking their eyes off the road while driving.

High Fuel Costs
Sanford & Hawley worried their challenge with fuel inefficiency was negatively affecting their bottom line. Fuel expenses were far too high and they needed to reduce fuel consumption. They knew that their drivers were idling excessively, resulting in plenty of waste, but they did not have a way of monitoring and reducing idle time.

Unauthorized Vehicle Use
Sanford & Hawley needed to put an end to the unauthorized use of vehicles. Their drivers were using company vehicles to run personal errands far too often. This issue was increasing expenses and their risk of liability in the event accidents or other problems occurred when the vehicles were being used for non-business purposes.


How Sanford & Hawley Succeeded
After researching different technology options that could help improve safety, improve fuel economy, and prevent unauthorized use of company vehicles, Sanford & Hawley selected GPS tracking software as the right solution to solve these challenges.

Safer Communication
They chose GPS Insight with Garmin integration. This configuration allows them to exchange data messages and sends directions to their drivers safely, without having them distracted by phone calls. The technology also provides safer navigation for their drivers, eliminating the distraction of looking at paper maps while driving.

Fuel Consumption Reduction
Since implementing GPS Insight, Sanford & Hawley has experienced significant savings by reducing fuel consumption. The company uses the system to track idling through alerts and reports, which helps them significantly reduce excessive idle time.

“The system is set to give us notice of a truck idling after 15 minutes, and this allows us to substantially cut idle time,” said Bob Sanford, President of Sanford & Hawley.

Curbed Unauthorized Usage

GPS Insight also helps curb unauthorized usage of Sanford & Hawley ’s vehicles. “We all know that drivers may make some personal errand stops, but we were amazed at the frequency that some were stopping at their homes and how far out of their delivery run they would go to stop at home. With GPS Insight, this has become reasonable,” said Sanford.


Sanford & Hawley can be sure their trucks are going to where they need to be during work hours.


Along with solving their initial business challenges, Sanford & Hawley saw an immediate return on investment when one of their vehicles was stolen from their yard and they had the ability to report its location to the authorities.

“We had not had the GPS units in a week when we came in one Monday morning to realize that a truck was missing and that our soda machine had been smashed into. Thanks to GPS Insight, the police were able to immediately locate the stolen truck,” said Sanford.

In this instance, the GPS Insight system enabled Sanford & Hawley to avoid having to buy a new vehicle and replace any equipment that may have been taken, saving tens of thousands of dollars. Sanford finished with.

“The payback is definitely there,” Sanford finished.