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MedCare Equipment Company

Increases efficiencies to cut labor hours and reduce fuel costs

Medcare Equipment Company


Greensburg, PA


“Before we had this feature, drivers might not have had the right equipment on the truck for the job and they could have been the farthest one away. With this, we can quickly and accurately look up which vehicle is closest to the delivery location.

Zac Shannon
Project Manager MedCare Equipment


  • Delivery success rate went from 80% to 99% after implementing GPS tracking
  •  Thousands of dollars saved every year by saving on fuel costs and improving safety


Medcare Equipment Company is a home medical equipment (hme) and medical supply company delivering essential healthcare equipment to patients and health care facilities.


For any delivery company, the greatest challenge is finding the most efficient way of getting items from point A to point B as quickly as possible. MedCare requires their drivers to deliver any life-sustaining equipment to patients within four hours after they are discharged from the hospital. Before using GPS Insight, MedCare found they were only achieving their goal of a four-hour window delivery 80% of the time.


Using their original GPS tracking product, MedCare drivers were given the task of creating their own routes for their scheduled deliveries. When drivers would check into the office in the morning, they would sit down with their delivery addresses and manually map out on paper a route for their stops. The process of preparing and creating these routes often took drivers over an hour to complete.


After switching to GPS Insight, dispatchers have been able to use
the software to make effective dispatching decisions, dramatically improving their four hour delivery success rate from 80% to over 99%.

The hour it took for the driver to prepare for their day dropped
to an average of 15 minutes. This means drivers get on the road 75% faster than before. GPS Insight now automates and optimizes delivery routes for each driver.

Driver behavior soon became an area of focus once MedCare realized the extensive reporting capabilities they now had with GPS Insight. MedCare acquired a smaller competitor and found that

a subset of drivers was idling their vehicles four to six hours per day, while the rest of the fleet averaged just over an hour per day of idle time. The idling of this subgroup alone costs MedCare over $35,000 per year in wasted fuel. Speeding was also an issue for this group as they averaged 10mph over the speed limit, resulting in an additional 15% of unnecessary fuel costs.

By holding drivers accountable for fuel waste and improving safety, MedCare, empowered by new insight into their fleet, is able to reduce these excesses and save tens of thousands of dollars every year.

None of these key performance indicators would be available to MedCare if not for the advanced reporting made available by GPS Insight.

How GPS Insight can help a business like yours

  • Improve delivery times with efficient, automatic routing capabilities made available directly to drivers

  • Real-time tracking is only one part of vehicle tracking as historical data is crucial to providing advanced reporting for overall fleet improvement

  • Manage driver behavior with added insight into vehicle idling and speeding reports