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Company saves $2,200 per month with GPS Tracking

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It was exactly what we wanted, we were happy to switch over!

Kim Knarr-Soto
Dispatcher, ABM Building Services


  • Since implementing GPS Insight, ABM saves an average of 5 hours per week on labor costs, which translates to $1,100 of savings per month

  • ABM saves another $1,100 monthly on fuel costs

  • ABM has experienced a 209% ROI with GPS Insight solutions


ABM is one of the largest facility management services providers in the U.S. With over 100 years in facility solutions experience,
they offer an array of state-of-the-art, dependable building maintenance services.


ABM Building Services previously used a GPS tracking software that was not meeting the company’s expectations. The software had slow updates and inaccurate location data as well as inaccurate reporting, which made it tough to audit time cards. They knew they wanted to look for a new provider once their contract expired.

Once they were back on the market for a new GPS tracking provider, there were a few new concepts considered. They were comparing cost of purchase vs. cost of rental. The company was also looking for a user-friendly dashboard interface that had the ability to customize views. Each dispatcher needs to view different locations and service vehicles, so the ability for each dispatcher to have their own login with their own custom dashboard was critical.


After a long search, ABM found GPS Insight, who is now the preferred GPS fleet tracking partner for ABM companies and affiliates. ABM Building Services currently tracks 35 vehicles out of three Florida locations.

It didn’t take long for the company to start experiencing the benefits of GPS Insight. The dispatch team for ABM Building Services has found the customizability of the software to be the primary benefit of the technology. The GPS Insight dashboard interface makes a dispatcher’s life much easier by providing all of the custom options that each dispatcher needs. GPS Insight has an advanced dispatching functionality, designed to look and feel the way you want it to, on a single screen, without having to toggle from screen to screen with preset layouts. “The dashboard was a night and day difference from what the old company had… It was exactly what we wanted, we were happy to switch over!” said Kim Knarr-Soto, Dispatcher at ABM Building Services.


GPS Insight offers over 40 in-depth reports that customers can choose from. “We love the way reports are run with the custom options and amount of detail given in each. The format of the reports makes it much easier to audit for payroll,” said Knarr-Soto.

Techs are now more conscious and accurate with time cards knowing that they are being tracked and having the ability to audit their time cards has brought a significant decrease in labor costs. “We save about an average of 5 hours of labor from payroll each week. The bundled cost of each technician is about $55.00 an hour, so given a 4-week period, we save about $1,100 a month on labor cost”, stated Knarr-Soto. The monthly savings in just labor costs is almost enough to pay for the monthly service of the GPS tracking software.

ABM Building Services has seen an increase in the quality of their customer service with the GPS Insight fleet management solution. Dispatchers are able to see their vehicles in real-time, which
has made them more efficient and improves their customers’ perception of them.

Knarr-Soto reported that the GPS tracking software “makes them look more professional when they are on a call with a customer, knowing the exact location and ETA of the technician.”

The largest facilities management services provider has also experienced a significant reduction in mileage throughout their fleet. Using the “Closest To” dashlet, which provides information on the closest vehicles to another technician, customer, or address, in actual and drive time, they are sure to save time and distance traveled, sending the closest tech to the call. “We have a cost of $1.10 a mile, and using that feature has saved us an average of 50 miles a day. We are saving about $1,100 a month in fuel”, according to Knarr-Soto. This is not only a reduction in fuel, but the reduced mileage also equates to less wear and tear on the vehicles.

The reduction in both labor costs and fuel has given ABM Building Services a 2:1 ratio in actual savings to monthly cost of GPS Insight. This is approximately a 209% return on investment.

How ABM Building Services believes GPS Insight can help other companies like yours:

  • Improve overall dispatch efficiency

  • Increase customer service quality by providing real ETA

  • Reduce labor costs with time card auditing reports

  • Reduce fuel costs with reduced mileage