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Cal Building and Maintenance (CBMI)

Stopped customer disputes and employee suspicion

Cal Building and Maintenance


Hawthorne, CA

“GPS Insight has saved us a minimum of 10% on our labor costs.”

Dan Zaharoni


  • Saved at least 10% on labor costs

  • Alleviated customer doubt

  • Saw more work done with same amount of technicians


Cal Building and Maintenance (CBMI) is a full-service construction company with departments specializing in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Restoration, 24/7 service and general construction.


CBMI had frequent problems with customers disputing the number of hours that their service technicians spent on the job. They also had suspicions that their service technicians were inflating the hours worked on their field reports. They needed to find a way to alleviate the doubt the customers had and find out if they were paying their workers for more time than was actually worked.


The first week after GPS Insight had been installed, CBMI caught three separate technicians inflating their field reports.

“GPS Insight has saved us a minimum of 10% on our labor costs, since we believe we were losing up to 45 minutes per day per employee based on faulty timekeeping and outright misrepresentation on field reports. The average number of hours paid for each of our technicians decreased approximately 8% starting.”

“Immediately after GPS Insight was installed”, said Dan Zaharoni, CFO of CBMI. He added, “However, work performed by the same technicians actually increased since they were forced to be accountable for each minute of their day.”

This means there was less time spent driving around wasting time, doing personal errands, and more time working since management could now monitor their locations throughout the day.