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Home Decor

GPS Insight improves visibility and reporting for Home Decor with the FieldAware platform.

Home Decor

Furniture Supplier

Sheffield, England




“FieldAware is helping to improve both the day to day performance and the scalability of our business. The teams like it because it is so easy to use and we are seeing almost immediate improvements.”

—Neil Martin
Sales Director
Home Decor


  • Gained increased visibility and workflow management
  • Able to measure performance with factual evidence


    Home Decor is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of contemporary bedroom furniture. They supply products around the world into DIY, construction, new-build, and online markets.

    Originally established in 1975, their head office is in Sheffield, England, and they also have commercial offices in Italy, China, Australia, and the USA. From their factories in the UK, Home Decor manufactures over 400,000 doors each year and supplies the hardware to manufacture a million more. They also design, manufacture and install bespoke, handmade kitchens, sold through their network of showrooms and direct to architects, developers, and housebuilders.


    Home Decor provides the end-the-end experience for their customers, from the development process and identifying customer needs to initial concept drawings, then design, manufacture, and installation.

    The company was growing fast so managing the work, teams, and parts that are all required on the various projects that Home Decor is involved with became more and more of a challenge. The business had managed with manual processes, using white boards in the office to oversee the operations, but it quickly became apparent that they had outgrown this way of working and needed to move on.

    “Our installation operation lacked real time management capability and visibility,” said Neil Martin, Sales Director with Home Decor. “As the company grew we realized we didn’t have a good enough insight into what was happening away from the office. This began to show in poor utilization of our teams and especially a lack of continuity with fitters on projects.”

    “Our installation costs were increasing as we were not able to manage the team efficiently,” Neil said. “We needed to be more cost effective in order to carry on growing in a scalable way. We knew what we wanted to achieve and that was much better visibility. We wanted to make sure we had the person with the right skills in the right location – so we could maximize the skills allocated to any specific task and reduce non-productive time, like driving or offloading. We also needed to get better understanding of the time taken to complete a task, so we could charge accordingly.”

    “We looked at field service software and at three suppliers in particular. We chose GPS Insight to help us achieve these aims. As well as providing what we needed, cost and time to implement were also both critical in our decision-making.”

    The Solution

    FieldAware is the comprehensive, cloud based field service management solution by GPS Insight. This solution uses modern web and mobile technologies that allow organizations to easily and efficiently manage service requests, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and reporting.

    The Result

    Home Decor was delighted with the choice of FieldAware by GPS Insight.

    “FieldAware provided everything we wanted,” commented Neil.

    “In addition to the increased visibility and improved management of workflow, a further great benefit was the management tool which now ensures that decisions are based on tangible measures. This has given us the ability to capture factual evidence on performance, taking the ‘subjective’ out of the discussion.”

    Home Decor started to see results with FieldAware in a very short time.

    “Most importantly it has given us effective, tangible reporting for our customers on both our and their site teams’ performance. This has given Home Decor a real opportunity to work more closely with our customers to drive a continuous improvement philosophy to our joint objectives.”

    “The only thing I would add,” concluded Neil, “is that with the advantages we are seeing and how quickly we have seen them, with hindsight we should have rolled out FieldAware much earlier.”