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Generator Systems Delivers Exceptional Customer Service and Operational Excellence

Generator Systems, LLC.

Power Generation

Akron, Ohio, USA


“The system is updated continuously as items are entered into the workflow. It’s a huge increase in productivity not having to chase data.”

Kevin Starkey
Operations Manager, Generator Systems


• 17% increase in schedualable hours.

• 2X transactions processed by Finance.

Based in Akron, Ohio, Generator Systems sells and services generators and pumps.


Generator Systems needed to improve management of its field service operations to increase efficiency, speed customer response times, and deliver exceptional customer service.


The company selected GPS Insight field service management software called FieldAware to streamline its field service operations. FieldAware had the customization, capability, reliability, and support for the mobile devices used by technicians, as well as offered a seamless integration with NetSuite.


FieldAware, together with NetSuite, has increased efficiency and improved service throughout Generator Systems’ field service and finance operations; schedulable hours have been increased by
17 percent. Customer response times are now faster and Finance can process twice the number of transactions with the same staff.

Generator Systems Delivers Outstanding Customer Service with GPS Insight and NetSuite

Exceptional customer service is the heart and soul of Generator Systems’ business model. Executives are keenly aware that only by taking care of customers across all aspects of the business— the sale, service, and preventative maintenance of pumps and generators—will the company prosper and grow.

To this end, Generator Systems was looking to improve management of its field service operations. The company needed a solution that would increase efficiency, speed customer response times, and help it deliver a great customer experience.

“We chose FieldAware because it’s customizable, reliable, and mobile.
It supports the two thirds of our employees who are out in the field using smartphones. It also integrates seamlessly with NetSuite ERP.”

Rob Somrak
CFO, Generator Systems

Customizable, Reliable and Mobile

Rob Somrak, CFO of Generator Systems, said “after an extensive search, we chose FieldAware because it’s customizable, reliable, and mobile. With approximately two thirds of our employees based in the field, this mobility and the ability to conduct business using smartphones is very important to us. It integrates seamlessly with NetSuite ERP, which we’ve used for CRM, accounting, invoicing, and fixed assets since 2013.”

Today, Generator Systems uses FieldAware to schedule service calls and notify technicians of jobs through their smartphones. The technicians get a parts list, customer history, and turn-by-turn directions to the customer site. They can use the system to deliver service, enter data, and complete job orders. Job information flows seamlessly into NetSuite for invoicing customers.

More Efficient Service Calls

Because FieldAware is completely customized and presents technicians with only the fields and information they need, jobs are now documented much more quickly. The time required
to close out each work order has decreased from 45 minutes
to five minutes. Greater efficiency has increased schedulable hours by 17 percent, speeding customer response time. All work orders are now closed out daily—compared with up to two weeks previously—so customers can be invoiced faster.

Better Customer Service

Customer service has improved along the way. With complete customer history available, schedulers and technicians can make proactive recommendations for preventative maintenance. This allows the company to take a more proactive role in maximizing their customer’s overall equipment effectiveness.

Operational Excellence

Operations have been streamlined as well. Adjusting schedules now takes seconds versus up to 45 minutes. Once a job is scheduled, technicians instantly see all the information they need to complete the job, and operations can keep tabs on jobs at all times. “The system is updated continuously as items are entered into the workflow. It’s a huge increase in productivity not having to chase data,” said Kevin Starkey, Operations Manager for Generator Systems.

Seamless integration between FieldAware and NetSuite means work order data is accurately transferred to finance; NetSuite’s batch processing completes unlimited invoices instantly. Previously finance had to manually review each invoice against the work order and quote as well as adjust as many as 50 percent in a process that took 30 minutes each. Finance can now process twice as many transactions with the same resources even as the company has grown.

Faster Reporting

In the future, the company plans to build out reports for labor utilization, technician costs and revenue per hour. It expects that this will reduce the time it takes to generate reports from several hours to minutes.