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Chas Roberts

For Chas Roberts, GPS Insight was an investment that gave them the results they needed and results they could use. Thanks to GPS Insight, Chas Roberts has created a safe driving environment for themselves and their community, becoming a well-rounded player in the fleet industry.

Hilco Development Services

With the GPS Insight tracking solution, Niki Leith from Hilco Development Services was able to keep an eye on her entire fleet. Leith has since been able to track down drivers, ask on-the-job questions, and make key decisions faster than ever.

A-TEC Ambulance

After installing Driveri dash cams with GPS Insight, Jim with A-TEC Ambulance saw an overall dramatic reduction in driver violations, and he was able to properly defend a driver from a false claim.

“Some of the videos we’ve seen are absolutely incredible,” Jim said. “You can see in detail what happened. It gives you how fast they were going, what the speed was, what the time was, the breaking, the acceleration.”

John Jackson Masonry

According to John Jackson Masonry, if one piece of equipment goes missing for a day, lost productivity can snowball. GPS Insight saves them as much as two to three months of productivity with each piece of heavy equipment we track.