Using GPS Insight, there are a number of “built in” features that aren’t always immediately obvious. We have a customer in Las Vegas which has 50 limos/shuttles, and they take their guests/visitors from the hotels to the various casinos/shows.

Since Vegas is pretty exciting to view using this technology, we’ll put together a nice example of how to put a moving “current status” on a plasma in their dispatch or headquarters to get a good feel for what’s going on.


Simple map of vehicles in Vegas

But what if you want to see actual casino valet areas & who is waiting where? GPSI bar

Using GPS Insight, you can then choose this option (a 3-D current status, with a 15 minute trail, leaving detail points for any recent stops (within the last 15 minutes). This looks like the following:

overview of fleet on Vegas Strip in GPS Insight

You can easily click on each vehicle to show their current status, but let’s put a “tour” together for some important places:

Venetian within GPS Insight

You create a “placemark” within Google Earth and can make it any icon you like, height/color/size (or invisible, really). The important thing is what you name it and where you place it, and that you “Snapshot current view” when you are looking at the place the way you want to see it in the future. You can always change the default view for any object in Google Earth by right-clicking and choosing “snapshot view.” Then you go back to that exact view (location/height/tilt/etc.) every time you double-click that object.

snapshot view in GPS Insight

Now place a number of these locations/snapshots into a folder within Google Earth.

It may look like this: All Casinos (or your jobsites, etc.)

You can press the “play” button which will show them in order and you will then see the set of “interest areas” with real-time data about which vehicles are there, how long they’ve been stopped, how recently they left, etc. You can adjust options like how quickly to “fly to” each place, how long to stay there, how many times to play the tour (“infinite” is recommended), etc.

tour options

 Bellagio in GPS Insight

Here is a very small/low-resolution movie of the “tour” we put together:

CLICK HERE !!! MOVIE OF GPS Insight vehicle tracking tour in Las Vegas

This method of “placemarking” allows the dispatch to see the current status of your fleet, at each of your important locations, almost like there are security cameras there. But rather than put security cameras in every single potential place, you only have to create a quick “tour” consisting of many placemarks with appropriate “snapshots” and play the tour according to your options. Then every 10 seconds, your view will change and you will see what is happening around town with your fleet, customers, and places of interest. Or choose 30 seconds, 5, etc. — you can configure this just how you need it.