SoBe Beverages just launched their Love Bus tour across the country and uses GPS Insight to track their vehicles and let their website users know their location in real time via

In addition to tracking the Love Bus tour (6 buses across the country distributing delicious SoBe beverages to fans at various locations), GPS Insight tracks the Lizard King, a 160 Mercury 4 Door Woody Station Wagon with 700 horsepower which was built on the Discovery Channel’s American Hotrod show over several episodes.

It’s pictured here:

The Love Busses or the Lizard King may be coming to a town near you — check it out on SoBe’s website and get some good stuff to drink and some SWAG to take home with you!

Thanks to SoBe for being one of our cool GPS Insight customers and for using the product in an exciting way that helps their customers find these promotional vehicles in real time.

Here’s a screenshot of the GPS tracking map they use from GPS Insight but host on their website with only a small amount of code — we let any of our customers use this technology to let their customers, partners, and employees see the current status of any/all of their vehicles in real time without logging in (or they can choose to password protect this information):

Find one near you!