GPS Insight New Features and Updates

Author: Rob Donat
Founder & CEO

New Dashboard Map Option Plus UI Updates

Dec 15, 2015

New Dashboard Map

We recently added a new dashboard map option to our PRO and Enterprise solutions that gives you a new quick glance at your fleet. The new map option is available in the Dashboard drop-down as: [System] Map Dashboard (Beta)


The new dashboard map displays a large map of your fleet and a side panel for vehicles and landmarks. (click the image to see a larger view)


Click on any vehicle on the left side to pop-out a window with more details, such as location and status, and access quick links to features like directions, history, or messages.



UI Updates

Along with the new dashboard map, we also released some subtle visual changes to the overall dashboard interface.


  • Solid colors instead of gradients
  • Dashlet options now float/hover instead of expand the window
  • New dashlet icons
  • Dashlet windows are more polished by removing the rounded corners and white border

These changes are a nice visual refresh to the dashboard. We hope you feel the same! Please reach out to your account manager if you have any feedback on these changes or suggestions for future improvements.