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Author: Justin Schmid

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Easier Administration of GPS Fleet Tracking Software for Large Fleets

Large companies require organizational control over their fleet, but when it comes to organizational control using GPS fleet tracking software, that is sometimes easier said than done.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software – Hierarchy Capabilities

If you currently have GPS fleet tracking software in place, you, fleet managers, and admins know how frustrating some platforms can be with organizing fleet vehicle information. Placing vehicles in and taking vehicles out of your fleet’s organizational structure can be extremely time-consuming as most fleet tracking platforms require this to be done manually. It is very difficult for a fleet with hundreds of vehicles to constantly add and remove vehicles to groups, alerts, and scheduled reports.

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Components of a Telematics Policy – Establish the Guardrails

Your telematics policy should address how your organization intends to use telematics devices. Commercial fleets are varied, so be sure to address a few specifics. For example, some fleets are composed of sedans used by salespeople; situations like this might even allow personal use.

On the other hand, fleets that are mostly work trucks or Class 8 vehicles are unlikely to allow personal use. It’s important to be explicit about this and other policies. It’s also helpful to discuss your goals for using telematics, such as:


  • Reducing fuel use.
  • Eliminating unauthorized vehicle use.
  • Addressing safety concerns like speeding, hard stops, etc.
  • Improving maintenance scheduling.
  • Analyzing vehicle use to ensure your fleet has the right vehicles and the right number of vehicles.
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With GPS Insight, you are in luck! There is an easy way to administer your vehicles within your organization’s hierarchical structure and easily manage them within a GPS fleet tracking software. The answer is GPS Insight’s Hierarchy Capabilities. This feature significantly simplifies your administration of large fleets. You can mirror your fleet’s divisions and branches, as well as easily organize vehicles by vehicle type or function.
Example Hierarchy Capabilities in GPS Insight
Hierarchies allow for “rollup” reporting and convenient segmenting of vehicles. This allows both high-level and “drill down” reporting of those vehicles’ GPS history (such as mileage, speeding events, idling, time spent driving, landmark visits, etc.).

This is truly invaluable for customers with large fleets because it is a HUGE time saver for fleet administrators.

Now that you know this is available, why would you choose to go with a company that doesn’t have this functionality for your fleet?

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