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Author: Shannon Spollen

Content Specialist/Events Manager

GPS Insight Forward IconThe Benefits of Service Scheduling with the New  Field Service Management Map

See how map-based scheduling can help your business!

  • Field service management software can help to reduce costs and create opportunities for more customer visits
  • Our new map page gives a more comprehensive view of job time and location when assigning jobs to your teams
  • Map-based scheduling can help decrease time techs spend driving and increase their time doing jobs
  • Reducing tech time on the road can also help lower fuel costs
  • Map-based scheduling can streamline the process of reassigning jobs when technicians call out

New Field Service Management Feature

The Benefits of Service Scheduling with the New Map

Managing costs – whether time or money – in your field service business can be tricky. Expenses for things like labor and fuel can quickly add up. Using field service management software can have a major positive impact on your business, as proven by a Capterra survey of 100 service businesses. Eighty-six percent of respondents saw a decrease in fuel costs while nearly 80 percent were able to increase their customer visits per day.

GPS Insight is excited to announce a new feature of our field service management software, map-based scheduling, that can help further reduce fuel costs and increase the number of customers you can serve in a day.

What is it?

Assigning jobs to teams in our field service management platform has traditionally been a function of the dispatch, calendar, and tracking pages. Through the dispatch and calendar pages, a user has an at-a-glance sense of a job’s time. Conversely, the tracking page gives a sense of a job’s location. With map-based scheduling, a new map gives insight into job location and time in one comprehensive view:

  • Job and team starting locations are plotted on the map, with a time scrubber underneath that populates for each team as you assign jobs.
  • A scrubber factors in estimated drive time, and alerts you to potential time conflicts or overlap.
  • The list of teams updates dynamically to reflect each team’s projected daily number of jobs, total hours, miles to be driven, and total dollar value of all jobs assigned
Field Service Map-based Dispatch

How Does Map-Based Service Scheduling Help?

Less Time on the Road, More Time on the Job

Do you know much time your technicians are spending driving to and from jobs? Are their appointments lined up to minimize that drive time? By using the new map for service scheduling, you’re able to assign jobs to your teams with an eye for time efficiency.

A draw tool allows for quick and easy assignment of clusters of jobs in a geographic location to cut back on drive time. While saving 10-15 minutes on the road per team per day may not seem like much, over a five-day span, that puts 50-75 more minutes back in each team’s schedule. How many more jobs per week – and dollars in your pocket – does that add up to?

Better Fuel Efficiency

Along those same lines, one of the biggest expenses for any field service business can be fuel. For many of them – regardless of size – the volatility of gas prices can have drastic impact on bottom line. If your teams are making multiple trips across town each day, even a slight rise in the cost of fuel can eat away at your profits.

While you can’t control increases in gas costs, you can, by using the new map module for service scheduling, create more fuel-efficient schedules for your teams that cut back on cross-town commutes.

Emergencies Happen

Illness, family emergencies, and other types of call-outs are a challenge all businesses must deal with. Some weather events may also require certain types of businesses to reschedule appointments for services performed outside. It can be difficult to shuffle appointments around to other teams with full or nearly full schedules without a complete picture of when and where services were previously confirmed to be done.

All of the insights available through one view on the new map can help to streamline the process of rescheduling appointments, allowing you to respond and alert your customers more conveniently.

How Can I Start Using This New Feature? 

If you are an existing GPS Insight Field Service Management customer, you can get to the new map page under the Scheduling module within the platform. Helpful documentation about how to use this new feature is in the Help Center.

If you are not an existing GPS Insight Field Service Management customer but want to learn more about this and other features that help you to get organized, get paid, and grow your business, request a demo below with one of our specialists today.