GPS Insight is Moving Forward.

GPS Insight is rebranding to embody our company’s pioneering innovations in fleet technology and our passion for customer success.

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Customer Experience

We strive to be fully engaged with our customers and partners to create exceptional experiences.

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Innovative Products

Our all-encompassing fleet technology offerings delivers actionable insights and results.

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Partner Ecosystem

We provide meaningful integrations and partnerships to solve your challenges and make your job easier.

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What’s changing?

You will notice we have made changes to our company’s website, corporate messaging, and graphics, including the iconic satellite in our logo.

While GPS technology is clearly in our company DNA, we’re more than just a GPS tracking company. Our solutions now and going forward will evolve along with other types of data-driven technology. That message is even built into our new logo: Three dots represent data, and they form an arrow pointing toward the future.

It’s uncertain what the future holds, especially with artificial intelligence and the evolving Internet of Things, and GPS Insight is ready to adapt! We will be continuously innovating new solutions to offer the latest and greatest fleet technology to our customers and partners.

Why is this happening?

Building innovative solutions to help our customers meet their business objectives defines our purpose as an organization. This rebrand is about more than just a cosmetic change; we want to signal to both our current and future customers that we are driving our business and the industry forward. We believe the new look and message represents our strategic vision and creative approach, both of which produce better products and experiences.

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When will you see changes?

Our brand transformation is happening now! It will be apparent across our website, communications, and even within our software. Several product enhancements are rolling out now, and there will be more to come as we move forward.

This new visual identity, corporate messaging, and strategy better communicate the ability of our technologies to address each customer’s individual needs and business challenges, which sets us apart from the competition. Ultimately, our success is measured by our customers’ success. We believe our products will save you time and money, by providing you insights about your business, and a safer, more efficient fleet.

– Gary Fitzgerald, CEO & CTO of GPS Insight


Frequently Asked Questions

I just logged in and everything is different. Am I in the right place?

Yes! You haven’t been phished, hacked, or compromised in any way. This is still the official home of GPS Insight, and you’ll find the same functionality and security that you’ve come to expect.

What does this mean for customers?

You’ll get the same top-notch products and committed support that you’ve always counted on. That’s never going to change. If anything, the rebrand is a sign of our commitment to listen even more to deliver the actionable insights you need.

So, you haven’t been acquired by another company?

No, we have not. We promise, we’re the same company that’s helped so many organizations transform the way they engage their fleet. Your contacts at GPS Insight will remain the same to ensure that we continue to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Where do I go for support now?

You’ll be in contact with the same representatives, and they remain ready to put their creativity and knowledge to work toward your success.

What changes are you making in the product?

We have a few new additions, such as Driveri, our 360° AI Fleet Camera, and Roadside Assistance. More will be coming, especially as we push the boundaries of the Internet of Things.

How does this impact partners and resellers?

We have partners of all sizes and scope, so the impact may vary. We recommend connecting with your GPS Insight contact to schedule a conversation today to learn more about the enhancements to our Ecosystem Partner Program.

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