How to Reduce Fuel Costs

Three Businesses That Overcame Excessive Fuel Usage

With the cost of fuel on the rise, your business is likely to experience higher fuel costs in the coming months. While the cost of fuel may be out of your control, it’s possible that your fleet could be using an unnecessary amount of fuel. How do you identify where these unnecessary fuel costs are coming from? One way to do this is by using technology like GPS tracking that provides tangible answers about the root of excessive fuel consumption.
Using a GPS tracking solution allows you to not only identify where these costs are coming from but proactively ensure your fleet is performing at the maximum efficiency so your fuel costs remain low. GPS Insight helps many companies like yours reduce excessive fuel costs.
Click on each of these businesses to see how they solved their specific challenges of excessive fuel use by implementing GPS tracking:

Mining Company Overcomes Excessive Fuel and Vehicle Warranty Challenges

Are you experiencing high fuel costs due to excessive idling? Many businesses know that their vehicles are being left running, but are unsure for how long, how much unnecessary expense it’s adding to their overhead costs, or how to curb this behavior.

This was the challenge for Kennecott Utah Copper. Hearing that a mining company received 1,500% ROI on a GPS tracking solution through idle and other fuel reduction may sound too good to be true, but this was the reality for Kennecott Utah Copper. Along with excessive fuel costs due to idling, their vehicles were going out of warranty much faster than anticipated because their vehicle warranties are based off engine run time and not miles driven. They put their focus on reducing idle time amongst the fleet to curb these unnecessary fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear.

reduce idle fuel waste
After integrating GPS tracking into their workflow and curbing the number of idle instances and time idling, they saved over one million dollars in fuel costs alone in the first 12 months! In addition to curbing high fuel costs, they were also awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention from the Utah Pollution Prevention Association in addition to being nominated for an EPA award in recognition of their efforts in pollution prevention.

Waste and Recycling Hauler Improves Route Efficiency

It can be difficult to identify if there are route inefficiencies without using a dispatch or routing tool that tells you this is the case, but easy to spot in other instances.
improved routing to save on fuel cost
For Parks & Sons, a waste and recycling hauler, they knew they had this challenge when they were communicating 50-65 routes daily by way of CB radio and cellular devices. This caused massive route overlaps, which led to longer pick up times, which led to fuel being wasted.
This issue was addressed through the use of the GPS Insight route replay feature. Their dispatchers can now view daily routes for multiple vehicles at one time, along with every stop that needs to be made. They can easily spot where the routes overlap and correct them for future routes.

While incorporating GPS tracking has made a tremendous impact to daily workflow, it’s about more than just efficiency. Correcting these route inefficiencies saved Parks & Sons $150,000 in fuel savings in the first year alone!

Pool Service Company Eliminates Unauthorized Usage

Do you allow your drivers to take their work vehicles home with them? Many service fleets allow this so they can dispatch their drivers straight to the job site at the beginning of their day.
While this is an efficient practice, you may worry about your company vehicles being used when or where they shouldn’t be for personal use. That’s what the owner of Pool Agency experienced when one of his friends called to tell him that one of his vehicles was driving around on a weekend in an area it shouldn’t have been in. Not only did this represent their brand in the wrong way, fuel was being wasted by employees driving outside of normal business hours.
driving work vehicles on the weekend

GPS Insight became the solution to help curb this behavior. Pool Agency used the software to alert management when vehicles were in use during odd-hours. By putting a stop to unauthorized use of their company vehicles, Pool Agency saved thousands of dollars per month through this metric alone!

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