10 Tips for Safer Driving with Dash Cams scaled

Businesses invest significant time and resources into purchasing, installing, and launching a dash cam program.

They’ll benchmark their drivers, coach them to improve, hit their goals…and then ease off. As a result, safety scores can plummet because the program isn’t being maintained as it should be.

What can businesses do to make the most of their investments both in time and money?

We’ve got the answers. If you have the right dash cam and the correct policies, you will find success for the long term. We’ve boiled it down in our guide ’10 Tips for Safer Driving with Dash Cams’, where we explore:

  • Establishing policies
  • Creating incentive programs
  • Including must-have features
  • Managing and coaching drivers
  • and more

Embrace the technology to meet your safety goals today!

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