GPS Fleet Tracking for Safety Managers & Directors

GPS Insight is here to help you keep your drivers safe and your business compliant.

Your Challenge

You are the safety director for your business and need to be on the forefront of technologies and tools available in the marketplace to ensure your mobile workforce is as safe as possible.

The Solution

The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solution will reduce risk and improve driver and public safety so that you are confident everyday that you are protecting your most valuable assets.

Vehicles Tracked


Using the GPS Insight tracking solution, management can protect their technicians and make sure they are safe.


“We do safety checks regularly…If something happens, or we’re not getting a response, we can pinpoint exactly where they [techs] are.”

Tod T., Safety Manager, ABM Building and Energy Solutions

Increase Safety and Security

  • Reduce accidents
  • Reduce tickets
  • Improve vehicle maintenance execution
  • Immediately send help to employees in emergency situations
  • Quickly recover stolen vehicles and assets

Increase Driver Accountability

  • Know real-time location and status
  • Utilize detailed reports to monitor driver behavior
  • Eliminate unauthorized stops and off hours usage

Improve Vehicle & Asset Utilization  

  • Determine vehicle and assets over and under used
  • Lower maintenance costs and downtime
  • Rightsize your fleet
Utility Truck Caught On Fire

An Unusual Fleet Safety Story

Fleet Safety

Dispatch Your Resources More Efficiently

  • See all vehicles and assets in real-time/provide accurate ETAs
  • Determine who’s closest to next job
  • Send routes to drivers over the air

Proactively Extend Vehicle & Asset Lifecycles

  • Maintenance scheduling made easy
  • Never overlook service for any vehicle or asset
  • Receive remote diagnostics
  • Simplify maintenance cost tracking

Oversee Hours of Service to be DOT/FMCSA Compliant

  • Ensure DVIRs are completed
  • Always know on duty hours left
  • Eliminate common violations
  • Eliminate manual errors

Vehicles Tracked


icon-quote-left2 Providing this personal accountability of our supervisors, for us, is the most valuable aspect of having GPS Insight. icon-quote-right


Shawn H., Project Manager, Wright Tree Service

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