Smart Cameras

Driveri Smart Camera.

With real-time incident detection, the ability to determine who’s at fault, and provide all of that data through intelligent automated reporting, the Driveri fleet camera system is making drivers safer and reducing costs.

Driveri Smart Camera Hero

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More than a dash cam, Driveri uses Artificial intelligence, in-cab alerts, and endless insights to improve driving and protect your drivers.

Driveri automatically reviews, analyzes and reports on what’s happening on the road, delivering video clips and driver coaching metrics to make your job easier with the intelligence to tell you who’s at fault when incidents occur.

Driveri Will Automatically Detect:

Fleet Camera System - High G Force

High gForce

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driver


Speeding Violations

Hard Accel

Hard Acceleration

Driver Drowiness

Driver Drowsiness

Hard Braking

Hard Braking

Following Distance

Following Distance

Seatbelt Compliance

Seatbelt Compliance

Stop Sign Violation

Stop Sign Violations

Red Yellow Light Detection

Traffic Signal Violations


Indisputable evidence.

Automatically capture everything on the road. Driveri is your reliable witness that never misses a single moment. Understand the context of at-fault incidents to improve coaching or exonerate your drivers, with the ability to go back in time and pull event videos.

Driveri Captures Video of Driving Events


Capture and analyze events automatically.

Using a simple dashcam means hours of reviewing, analyzing, and storing footage. The Driveri fleet camera system uses AI to do it all for you. Triggered events are automatically categorized and are stored when you need to view them.


Measure what matters.

Set your fleet safety goals and track your progress over time. Monitor individual and fleetwide scores. Visualize all tracked driving events to see trends and more.

Track Driver and Fleet Safety Goals
Driveri GreenZone Infographic


Clear coaching with actionable insights.

GreenZone and Driver Star stats identify your best drivers to build a culture that rewards safety. Managers and drivers are both accountable with signed coaching reports. Easy to download and to share.


Time-saving safety feedback.

The Driveri app strengthens safety programs by doubling down on Driveri’s existing automated coaching system, which includes automated reporting and in-cab alerts.

You’ll have more employee/management visibility and drivers will understand where they stand among co-workers. They’ll also get fast feedback on their driving habits while fully understanding what the AI system sees.

Driveri App


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