Drivers and Dash Cams:
A Love Story

With distracted driving and nuclear judgments on the rise, addressing driver behavior is paramount.

Using telematics has been a great way for fleet managers to learn about their drivers’ unsafe driving habits. Cameras take these insights to the next level by bringing risky behaviors to life and providing indisputable video evidence against false claims.

While cameras are becoming a vital element of fleet safety, a sticking point is often drivers who view cameras as “Big Brother” technology. In an age where top talent is hard to recruit and even harder to retain, it’s understandable why fleets might be reluctant to adopt it. Fortunately, having satisfied drivers and a safer fleet aren’t mutually exclusive.

Can drivers and dash cams be a love story?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What’s motivating fleets to adopt camera technology today
  • Ways top fleets build a culture of safety and use it to recruit and retain top talent
  • How one fleet handled rollout, overcame driver resistance, and got the results it needed
Drivers DashCams

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